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ScreeningPPDTPreparing Story Narration In Five Minutes Before PPDT

Preparing Story Narration In Five Minutes Before PPDT

You are required to narrate your story to your group in the discussion stage of PPDT. After you finish writing your story your papers are taken away and by and large you are left with 5-10 minutes after which the discussion begins. This is a very small amount of time and you are pressurized at the max! But this is a very crucial amount of time as well. 

Preparing Story Narration In Five Minutes Before PPDT

You can get ready to narrate your story in these 5 minutes if you read the following tips:

  1. Instead of feeling nervous and wasting your time, try to calm down first.
  2. Think that this is going to be fun, and you’ll be able to crack it, fill yourself with a huge amount of positive confidence.
  3. Now keep on repeating your story in your mind, plan up how you are going to narrate it.
  4. Keep the important points of the story in your mind, it not necessary to tell the story word by word so don’t feel worried if you don’t remember the exact words.
  5. You just have to keep the central idea of your story in your mind. How things turned out to be and be sure to make a central/main character.
  6. Now catch your nearest chest number or anybody in your group you like and narrate your story to him/her. Keep on repeating your story loudly to him/her, this will boost your confidence an make you ready to narrate story in front of others. Other may think that “pagal hai kya ye”, but say in your mind “pagal kaun hai pata chalega thode time mein”. Jokes apart, repeat your story continuously in your mind.
  7. Now take out your handkerchief  wipe your face, dust off your shoes and clothes from any dust with the help of a small cloth you have taken specially for this purpose. Now when your turn comes walkin with a good posture, be confident and narrate your story with proper words and I proper tone.


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