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What To Prepare For The SSB Interview

ssb interview what to prepare

It’s very confusing what to prepare and what not to prepare for the Personal Interview with the IO. Well here is list of things you should make yourself much aware about before stepping in the IO’s room. Since Interview is a very crucial part of the SSB testing hence your fate depends in a large scale upon how you perform in the interview.

What To Prepare For The SSB Interview

  1. The AA Awareness: Well it is important that you are aware of the Armed Forces things, hence here by AA I mean Armed forces Awareness. You must be ware about various aircrafts, missiles, tanks, guns, submarines, operations and the list is endless. You must be aware about any recent deal in any branch. If your father, mother, brother or sister is in the armed forces then be ready to tackle difficult and deep questions about armed forces. If you are going for technical department then you must be well aware about the technologies used etc. Going for flying branch? Be prepared with different fighters, attackers, missiles and the theory of how does an aircraft flies. I will give a record of such things in my next articles.
  2. Personal Records: You must know about your marks scored in 10th, 12th, Graduation & PG (if applicable). You must remember what you have filled in your PIQ form and answer accordingly when asked about your achievements, hobbies, or anything for that matter. Do not contradict with what you have filled in your PIQ or written in your Psychological papers. Your personality should be the same in all tests because all the three testing officers are sending feedbacks to one another and this can be done only when you are genuine, you can’t fake a personality for a span of 5-6 days!
  3. Family & family members: You should know the details about the job/profession of your father, mother, and siblings. You must also know the same about your friends. You should be aware of positive and negative qualities of your closed one’s. Be prepared to answer when you are asked about BF/GF.
  4. General Awareness: Be in habit of watching news daily or reading newspaper. Only superficial knowledge won’t help. You need to keep yourself updated with the recent happenings in the nation and worldwide. Specially for the current days you must know about problems in Middle East, West Asia etc. also be prepared to answer when asked about its impact on India. You may also be asked about your views on news. Be prepared with strong opinion about Indo-Pak relations and other matters. IO might try to deviate you from your views but you must have so many strong points that you can stay glued to your opinion. Remember he is only trying to see how gullible or confident you are hence stick to your opinion.
  5. Details about your hobbies etc.: If you have mentioned about any game or any sport in your PIQ then you are expected to know details like court, ball measurement, its main leagues or tournaments etc. Also you must have a track of details on your hobbies.
In the end you are not Google to know everything at one point of time you will not know a certain thing hence you should not lose your cool and say politely that you don’t know. Don’t get unduly stressed or worried. Be confident. 🙂

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 Tashi Mishra, Editorial Team

She is a defense aspirant from Varanasi completed her BCA. She has attended SSB Interview at 1 AFSB Dehradoon and has more SSB coming up. She is confident about joining Defence Forces one day. Here, she is sharing her views and experience. Mail us to join our editorial team now.
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