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CDS Exam 2013 Sectional Cut Off Marks

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CDS exam is conducted by UPSC and it has three question papers. Each paper consist of 100 marks. Now many candidates are asking about the cut off mark of CDS II 2013 and also they want to know about sectional cut off mark in CDSE II 2013. Yes there will be a sectional cut off for each paper. UPSC has started publishing the cut off for the examinations they have conducted.

CDS 2012 2013 Official Cut Off Marks

UPSC has published the cut off marks and sectional cut off mark of each section.  Below you can find the official cut of mark of CDSE 2 2012 declared by UPSC. From this you can get some idea on how much the sectional cut off for CDS 2 2013 could be. Below you can find marks of the last candidate qualified in written part of examination and that of finally recommended candidate as well.

CDS Exam 2013 Sectional Cut Off Marks

CDS 2 2013 Sectional Cut Off Marks

As you can see the sectional cut off was 12 for CDS 2 2012. For CDS 2 2013 you can expect almost the same cut off. So candidates need to score at least 12 marks in each section of CDS 2 2013 exam to clear the written test.

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  1. Hi Guys, Don’t rely on answer given by several sites. I found great discrepancy in it. So please wait for answer which will be announce soon by UPSC.

  2. Hi !! the minimum qualifying mark was 12 last year.
    will it be the same for this year also (2014).because i have done extremely well in English and good in maths. but poor in GK.

  3. Final 266 marks for AFA is total from 600 (written + ssb) or only of CDSE(300)…
    Its will b tough to get 266 out of 300 dnt u think?

  4. In final result..marks of last recommended candidate marks.
    Marks are of ssb ?
    Or marks of ssb + written?
    Or written only..?
    Please clarify..

  5. Is there cut off for each subject., I mean if i give 20 right gk answers, 60 english and 70 in maths, will i qualify for SSB?

  6. GK 30, English 27, Maths 16 Total 73 what are my chance in IMA .
    and tell me about how much marks will getting for IMA and AFA?? plz reply fast

  7. I am getting 154 out of 300 in cds 2 2013…n there are some wrong answers so I do think I ll touch 160 out of 300…so I jus wanna ask that whether I do hav any chance for afa??…and one more query..in the last column 266 marks are for ssb?..I mean is it 266 out of 300(ssb)..or 266 out of 600(cds2 written and ssb..300+ 300)????

  8. If each paper of CDSE consists of 120 questions of 100 marks, then does that mean every correct answer will contain 5/6 marks? Please tell me someone.

    • easiest way of calculation:

      each correct answer award 0.83 mark and for each wrong answer subtract 0.27

      or another confusing complex yet good enough way of calculation if u have aversion towards decimals…

      Number of Attempted Answer = number of correct answer + number of wrong answer.

      Example: Out of 120 question in English say I have attempted 90 questions, of which say some 75 questions may be right + say 15 questions may be wrong ( 75 right + 15 wrong = 90 attempted) .

      Number of correct answers X 3 marks = marks for correct answers (say “A”)

      Allot 3 marks for each correct answer

      Number of Wrong answers X 1 mark = Marks for wrong answers (say “B”)

      Allot 1 mark for each wrong answer

      Total number of marks= 120 questions X 3 marks each = 360 marks

      Obtained marks in English paper (say “C”) out of 360 = Marks for Correct answers – Marks for wrong answers.

      now convert this mark for 360 to mark for 100.


      Marks for Correct answer “A” = 75 correct answers X 3 mark = 225

      Marks for Wrong answer “B” = 15 wrong answers X 1 mark = 15

      Obtained Marks “C” = “A” – “B” = 225 – 15 = 210 out of 360

      now convert this score for 100 marks – (210/360) X (100) = 58.33 is your score for 100

      Like wise calculate for English, General Knowledge and Mathematics (each for 100) and then add all the three marks to get total mark for 300 and that’s your final score.

      In case of OTA candidate, Calculate for English and General Knowledge alone (each for 100) and then add both the marks to get total mark for 200 and that’s your final score.

      This is only one method (but there can be other easy or less complicated ways to calculate)


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