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CDS 2 2022 Expected Cut Off Marks

The UPSC will release the CDS 2 2022 results in November, or December 2022, and those who are selected will have to appear in SSB interviews for the IMA, OTA, AFA, and INA positions.

The CDS 2 2022 exam is being given on September 4th, 2022, in a number of testing locations by a large number of CDS aspirants. Many of you must be curious about the CDS 2 2022 cut-off scores based on the information provided below regarding the cut-off for the previous CDS Exam.

The UPSC will release the CDS 2 2022 results in November, or December 2022, and those who are selected will have to appear in SSB interviews for the IMA, OTA, AFA, and INA positions. Following the announcement of the CDS 2 2022 final results, the UPSC will release the CDS 2 2022 cut-off. You can check your CDS 2 2022 score based on the CDS 2 2022 answer key by referring to this article’s projected cut-off scores for the CDS 2 2022 exam. Before we discuss the marks you must achieve to pass the CDS 2 2022 Exam, let’s first comprehend the CDS 2 2022 exam format.

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CDS 2 2022 Cut Off Marks [Expected]

S.NoAcademyExpected Cut Off (UPDATING)
1OTA (Women)To Be Updated
2OTA (Men)To Be Updated
3IMATo Be Updated
4INATo Be Updated
5IAFTo Be Updated
S.NoAcademySectional Cut Off
1OTA (Women)20% in each paper
2OTA (Men)20% in each paper
3IMA20% in each paper
4INA20% in each paper
5IAF20% in each paper

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CDS 2023 Live Classes 1

CDS Exam Previous Years Cut Off Marks

cds cut off 1
cds cut off 2

How many candidates apply for the CDS exam?

So, starting with the number of cadidates who apply for the UPSC CDS exam. CDS exam is conducted two times every year by the UPSC for the defence aspirants who want to join the Army, Airforce and Navy as an officer. Every time around 5 to 6 lakh+ candidates apply for CDS exam, so in one year around 10 lakh+ candidates apply for the CDS exam.

If you are preparing for the CDS 1 2023 and CDS 2 2023 written exam and SSB interview, you can check SSBCrackExams online courses and mock tests.

How many candidates clear the CDS exam?

Now coming to the curricula part, how many candidates actually clear the CDS exam? Looking at the previous CDS results, around 7000 to 9000 candidates only clear the CDS written exam. You can find the details on a number of candidates who cleared the CDS exam from previous years.

ExamNo. of candidates clear CDS written exam
CDS 2 2022Exam date: 04 September 2022 (SUNDAY)
CDS 1 20226622
CDS 2 20216845
CDS 1 20216552 
CDS 2 20206727
CDS 1 20207081
CDS 2 20198120
CDS 1 20197953
CDS 2 20187650
CDS 1 20188261
CDS 2 20178692
CDS 1 20178548

How many candidates clear the CDS SSB Interview?

Clearing the SSB interview is very challenging, not because of the tests conducted at the SSB but because of the low success rate. Out of 100 candidates only 5 – 6 candidates clear the SSB interview, not to forget the SSB Screening test i.e. OIR Test and PPDT, Stage-1 testing where 60% of candidates fail. Now coming to how many candidates clear the CDS SSB interview, you may find the details below:

UPSC CDS ExamNo. of candidates clear CDS SSB interview
CDS 2 2022To Be Updated
CDS 1 2022SSB Interview Pending
CDS 2 2021142 (81 + 47 + 14) (IMA INA AFA) & OTE men & Women Pending
CDS 1 2021154 (85 +58 +11) (IMA INA AFA)   & 169 (*113 + ^56 ) OTA Men and Women
CDS 2 2020129 (71 + 49 + 09) (IMA INA AFA) & 192 (*141 + ^51 ) OTA Men and Women
CDS 1 202095 (50+39+6) (IMA INA AFA) & 147 (*96 + ^51 ) OTA Men and Women
CDS 2 2019196 (106+76+14) (IMA INA AFA) & 241 (*174 + ^67 ) OTA Men and Women
CDS 1 2019129(IMA AFA INA) + 267 OTA
CDS 2 2018295
CDS 1 2018272
CDS 2 2017419
CDS 1 2017441

How many candidates clear CDS Merit List?

As we are observing for a few years, no one gets merit out through UPSC entry, if you clear the SSB interview and medical examination, there are 100% chances of you getting the joining instructions for the respective training academy.

Hope this analysis will help the CDS aspirants to understand the competition level and they can prepare better for their upcoming examination.

CDS OTA 2023 Live Classes 2

Detailed Previous Years CDS Official Cut Off Marks

CDS 2 2021 Cut-Off Marks [Official]

S.NoAcademyCut Off
1OTA (Women)102
2OTA (Men)102
cds 2 2021 cut off marks
CDS 1 2021 cutoff final marks
cds 2 2020 cut off

CDS 1 2019 Cut Off Marks [Official]

CDS 1 2019 Cut off marks

CDS 2 2018 Cut Off Marks [Official]

CDS 2 2018 cut off marks

CDS 1 2018 Cut Off Marks [Official]

CDS 1 2018 Cut Off Marks Official
CDS 2 2017 Cut Off Marks

CDS 2 2017 Cut Off Marks: The cutoff of CDS 2 2017 exam has not been released by UPSC yet. Aspirants who appeared for CDS 2 2017 written exam can check the expected cut off below:

CDS 1 2017 Cut Off Marks

CDS 1 2017 Cut Off Marks: The cutoff of CDS 1 2017 exam has not been released by UPSC yet. Aspirants who appeared for CDS 1 2017 written exam can check the expected cut off below:

CDS 2 2016 Cutoff Official: These are the official cut off marks of CDS 2 2016 exam published by UPSC

CDS 2 2016 Cut Off Marks

Now Look at how many aspirants applied for CDS 2016 and 2017 and cleared it based on the official data

CDS 1 2016

  • Number of candidates applied: 2,50,000+
  • Roll number of last written qualified candidate: 0239701
  • Total number of candidates cleared CDS 1 2016 written exam: 8411
  • Total number of candidates cleared SSB interview:  325
    • IMA: 92
    • INA: 31
    • AFA: 3
    • OTA: (153 Men + 46 Women)

CDS 2 2016

  • Number of candidates applied: 2,80,000+
  • Roll number of last written qualified candidate: 0279910
  • Total number of candidates cleared CDS 1 2016 written exam: 8563
  • Total number of candidates cleared SSB interview:  593
    • IMA: 168
    • INA: 81
    • AFA: 16
    • OTA: (258 Men + 70 Women)

CDS 1 2017

  • Number of candidates applied: 1,85,000+
  • Roll number of last written qualified candidate: 0183972
  • Total number of candidates cleared CDS 1 2016 written exam: 8548
  • Total number of candidates cleared SSB interview:  300 +
    • IMA: 124
    • INA: 75
    • AFA: 10
    • OTA: 181 Male (including IMA candidates) + 51 Female 
CDS 2023 Live Classes 1

What Is CDS Exam?

CDS Exam is also known as the Combined Defence Services Examination, one of the most popular defence exams in the country and it is conducted by UPSC twice every year. As the name suggests, it is a combined exam for Army, Navy, and Air force. Male candidates can join the Army, Navy, and Air force through IMA, OTA, INA, and AFA respectively. Women candidates can only apply for the Indian Army through the CDS exam and join the OTA Chennai.

  • It is written test conducted by UPSC two times every year for entries into these academies. CDS written exam has three different tests namely English, General Knowledge and Mathematics.
  • Notification Month of this Exam: March (CDS II) and August (CDS I)
  • Examination Conducted in the months of February (CDS I) and August (CDS II).
  • The CDS Exam Syllabus Details will give detailed information regarding the subjects as given below

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CDS 2 2022 Examination Pattern

UPSC follows a standard and very transparent manner to conduct the CDS 2 2022 examination. The written examination consists of the below subjects:

A) For Admission to Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy:


B) For Admission to Officers’ Training Academy:

CDS PaperEnglishGKMathematics
Maximum Marks100100100
Marks for Correct answer+0.83 marks for each correct option+0.83 marks for each correct option+1 marks for each correct option
Negative marking-0.27 marks for each wrong answer-0.27 marks for each wrong answer-0.33 marks for each wrong answer
SubjectDurationMaximum Marks
English 2 hrs100
General Knowledge2 hrs100
Elementary Mathematics2 hrs100
SubjectDurationMaximum Marks
English2 hrs100
General Knowledge2 hrs100
CDS OTA 2023 Live Classes 2

CDS 2 2022 Exam Syllabus Details:

Paper 1: English

The objective type question paper is designed to examine the understanding of English of the applicants. English question paper of CDS Exam includes passage for answering few questions related to that passage.

CDS English Syllabus consists of :

  • Spotting of Errors
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Vocabulary (Idioms & Phrases)
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Sentence Completion (Fill in the blanks & Cloze Test)
  • Ordering of Words & Sentences
  • Comprehension
  • Active – Passive Voice
  • Direct – Indirect Speech or Reported Speech
  • One Word Substitution
  • Parts of Speech
  • Spelling
  • Transformation

Paper 2: General Knowledge

General Knowledge question paper in CDS examination includes knowledge of current topics and of matters which are observing every day. The aspirants must be able to answer scientific aspects without any particular scientific study. They should have knowledge of History of India and Geographical issues without any specific study. The applicants must be able to answer these general knowledge questions to pass this test.

Components of CDS General Knowledge Syllabus

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Indian Polity
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Defence Specific
  • Current Affairs & Static GK

Paper 3: Elementary Mathematics

The objective type question paper includes various topics of elementary mathematics. Candidates should have posses knowledge about these topics. There are lots of topics to cover which are as following:

  • Arithmetic: Aspirants need to perform well in arithmetic which includes Number System, Fundamental Operations, Unitary Methods, and Elementary Number Theorems etc.
  • Algebra: The applicants should able to solve basic operations, Remainder Theorem, Quadratic Equations, Linear equations and practical problems etc.
  • Geometry: The candidates should able to answer geometric questions which contain Lines and angles, plane and plane figures and their related questions.
  • Trigonometry: The applicants need to know the values of Sine x, cosine x and tangent x.
  • Mensuration: The all candidates applying for the test should have knowledge of calculating areas of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and parallelograms etc.
  • Statistics: Everyone needs to know the collection and tabulation of data, histograms, pie and bar charts etc.

All these above mentioned fields have been included in the mathematics question paper so the aspirants must have good knowledge in elementary mathematics. The candidates need to be good in calculation and more basic operations so that they can perform well in the examination.

SSB Interview Live Classes 3

CDS 2 2022 SSB Interview Dates:

As many aspirants who have will be clearing the CDS 2 2022 written exam for the Indian Military Academy IMA, Air Force Academy AFA, Indian Naval Academy INA, and Officers Training Academy OTA course will be waiting for their SSB interview dates, the result for CDS 2 2022 was declared in November which makes it obvious that why candidates are anxious as they are still waiting for their SSB interview dates for IMA and OTA. We have been receiving many emails and messages on our social media regarding the CDS 2 2022 IMA AFA INA OTA SSB dates. Here are a few things that could help you.

Best Ways To Prepare For CDS 2 2022 SSB Interview

  1. Make it a practise to listen to all of the daily news—local, national, and worldwide. You should be aware of all events and have your own opinions about them.
  2. SSB will be a test of your personality, so you should be fully aware of yourself to identify your strengths, shortcomings, traits, likes, and dislikes, as well as the reasons behind them. That will assist you in identifying areas for improvement and even in structuring your responses to topics you may be asked during the interview.
  3. For your wonderful bodily and emotional wellbeing, start exercising in the morning.
  4. Read about the 5-day process at SSB and the tasks involved, but avoid asking for their copies of the replies. Simply have a general understanding of the duties and begin putting together your solutions. You can learn about WAT, TAT, and self-description, for instance. You can look at the words questioned in the WAT and the images displayed in the TAT, but you shouldn’t copy or create similar types of responses. You should consider it for yourself and put it in writing. You can do each assignment individually and practise each day with a time limit, just as they do. The purpose of the SSB is to assess your ability to think and write under pressure and what areas still require work.
  5. comprehend the rationale behind each task’s purpose? Because they want to get to know you, they ask for tales, sentences, and replies from you during the interview. Therefore, be sure to explain yourself clearly in each assignment, but remember that you should be expressing your true, authentic selves. While a result, as you prepare for SSB tasks like TAT, WAT, etc., construct your responses with the task’s purpose in mind. Knife (WAT) example: Answer 1: A knife is used to cut vegetables, while Answer 2: A knife is used to defend oneself. So, can you see how answer 1 only reveals a general truth and says nothing about the candidate, whereas response 2 demonstrates the candidate’s fortitude and courage?
  6. You may prepare for life, of which SSB is but a portion, even though you cannot prepare for SSB. You are not allowed to speak lies, arrive late, be an antisocial element, and produce excellent stories or perform other chores at SSB. To improve day by day, you need find out all of your character flaws from your parents and close friends. Asking your family, teachers, and close friends is advised because you won’t be able to quickly identify your own weaknesses because all those traits have been ingrained in your personality and are now a part of your routine. Find them, then make them better.
  7. By conversing with others more, you can improve your communication abilities. Take part in team activities to gain knowledge about how to interact with others and resolve any problems that arise. If you handle things effectively here during your life experiences, you will undoubtedly handle them well on GTO tasks since you have demonstrated through experience that you are capable of managing and leading the team.
  8. Should you sign up for coaching or not? After completely comprehending and preparing for SSB, a candidate can move on to coaching. It can be utilised to carry out all of your preparations and practises. Before attending SSB, it may be necessary to complete a full real-time practise. However, you should not use any shortcuts or tactics that conflict with your morals and personality. You should act upon, respond to, and write what you truly feel.
  9. Online SSB interview preparation both live classes and individual SSBCrackExams’ one-on-one peer training: For Indian candidates interested in joining the military, SSBCrackExams is the most reliable online resource. It offers live classes, online courses, and a variety of other preparation tools for military exams. Many people who want to join the military around the nation trust and adhere to it. Online coaching during the SSB interview stage is one of the various options offered by SSBCrackExams.
  10. In order to assist students get ready for the SSB interview, the highly qualified tutors at SSBCrackExams will give them with in-depth knowledge, a clear course framework, rich content, and continual supervision using cutting-edge technology and straightforward learning methods. You might wonder why you should select to participate in SSBCrackExams’ online SSB interview coaching.

Want To Join IMA, OTA, AFA & INA and Prepare For The CDS Exam?

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