Excessive Carrying Angle of the Elbow-SSB Medical Test

Many candidates are asking regarding the consequences of excessive carrying angle of the elbow. Once you clear SSB interview, you need to go for medical examination in which you may get checked for carrying angle of the elbow. You might get temporary rejection if the carrying angle of your elbow exceeds the normal limit.

Let’s discuss more about what is carrying angle of the elbowand how does it affect your medical examination after SSB interview.


Excessive Carrying Angle of the Elbow-SSB Medical Test

What is Carrying Angle of the Elbow?

When your arms are held out at the sides and your palms are facing forward, your forearm and hands should normally be about 5 to 15 degrees away from the body. This is the normal “carrying angle” of the elbow.


Why do we have carrying angle?


This angle allows your forearms to clear the hips when swinging your arms, such as during walking. It is also important when carrying objects.

Why normal carrying angle of the elbow is important


As said above, normal carrying angle of the elbow helps us to carry objects easily. In defence, we physical activities a lot, so having normal carrying elbow is must for defence services. Certain fractures of the elbow can increase the carrying angle of elbow, causing the arms to stick out too much from the body. This is called an excessive carrying angle. If the angle is decreased so that the arm points toward the body, it is called a “gunstock deformity.”

Treatment of excessive carrying angle of the elbow

Only your doctor can advise whether any of these treatments are appropriate for your specific medical situation. Always discuss all treatment options with your doctor before making a decision, including whether to start or discontinue any treatment plan.

If you think you carrying angle is not normal, then it is better to consult a doctor for proper measurement and cure. Do you have excessive carrying angle of the elbow? Do share your comments below.

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  1. rejath kumar

    · Permalink

    What about tonsilitis….is that a problem in ssb medicals…..can it be permanently cured..

  2. Amit Kumar

    · Permalink

    Is 3′ carrying angle of elbow is normal. If not then give me advice on this. Please reply.

  3. skymonkey

    · Permalink

    well i visited a doctor recently and he told me that my carrying angle of my right arm was near and around 20 and that surgery was the only way it could be rectified.If i were to go through with the surgery would i still be eligible for the medicals after the SSB ?

  4. Shantanu Yadav

    · Permalink

    whether a corrective surgery for carrying angle is unfit for armed forces…?

  5. Anwar Ali

    · Permalink

    Sir i have a carrying angle of 19.Is their is some solution for it?

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