Group Discussion And Your Conduct

Group Discussion And Your Conduct

Group discussion is the first task in the GT series. This is conducted in two parts, in the first part the GTO gives your group two topics and the group has to choose the topic of general acceptance, i.e. the group decides upon one topic and a discussion of about 15-20 minutes is conducted. 

Your group first chooses a topic and then you tell the GTO that what topic you have chosen then He asks you to begin and you all start. In the other part the GTO gives one topic when the first discussion ends the group has to carry out a discussion of about the same duration. Group Discussion is a place where the GTO monitors your group adaptability, intelligence level, communication skills and leadership. Here he sees as to how much you are comfortable with your group, how much understanding you all have, what is your level of communication.

Group Discussion And Your Conduct

In GD GTO looks for a candidate who is not feared in speaking and keeping their point in front of others, who is able to defend his point of view with logic and reason, who is not ashamed in agreeing with others if their points are stronger than his own. He looks for a candidate who is able to carry out the discussion in a discussion like manner and is able to avoid the fish market thing, which puts up logical and intelligent points and is a good listener as well.

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These are some tips which will help you in GD
  1. No matter what a person speak, whether it is against you or strictly against your view do maintain the smiling composure and never get up from your chair.
  2. Sit straight, do not slouch at the same time do not look unduly tensed or worried and sit in a comfortable manner.
  3. A little gestures are fine while putting up your point but remember a too many of them would give you a dramatic look which is a negative thing.
  4. It becomes easy as the GTO gives three leads with the topic but be sure to strictly go with one lead, do not generalize by saying that all are equal.
  5. When you feel somebody else has made a stronger point there is no harm in accepting their point, it only shows that you are adaptable.
  6. Never in any chance join hands with one other candidate and start backing up each other, a real leader considers everybody equal hence give everybody a fair chance.
  7. Help the people who have not spoken anything to speak.
  8. Give others a chance to speak, if you and only you keep on speaking all the time the GTO will never get a good chance to listen to others hence he’ll get irritated from you instead of getting happy.
  9. The GTO explicitly mentions that you do NOT have to conclude the discussion hence do not overrule his wish by trying to conclude the discussion.
  10. Generally the GTO asks you to introduce yourself before the GD begins, this happens specially in AFSB’s, he asks you to cover your name , family occupation, your hobbies interests, you marks up to Graduation, so be prepared for such and introduction.
Just be calm and think like you are discussing something with your friends, do not look at the GTO, speak confidently and maintain an audible and nice voice level, not too loud. GD is the part of opinion forming tasks hence it is important enough to perform well in this.
Good luck 

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