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How I Cleared My AFCAT Exam

AFCAT 2/2013 was the third time I sat for writing AFCAT, having cleared it for the previous two attempts, I was quite sure that I’ll again crack it because of my preparation. As expected I did clear it. I would like to share with you all the preparation strategy I had adopted for AFCAT.

English: Since English is not something to be prepared in a day, I am in continuous touch of reading English books, novels, journals and newspaper. Reading makes it easier to understand the comprehension passage and answer accordingly. Reading also makes you come across various new words and out of curiosity you look for their meaning in the dictionary. Keeping a dictionary with you is as important as having water. To practice more I would suggest you to follow the book ‘English for Competitive Examinations’, written by Edgar Thorpes and Showick Thorpe and published by Pearson Education.

How I Cleared My AFCAT 2/2013

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General Awareness: In AFCAT you are asked more about the medals and special achievements of Indian sports in the sports section, hence I kept a record of all the medals won by Indians in important sports. Revising your basic science and history is enough for the portions on them. They also always ask a question on any recent missile, submarine, aircraft hence I have made a list of that as well (this helps in SSB also). I have kept myself aware of the major awards and their recipients, this helps in answering questions based on awards and honors.  It helps a lot in preparing for GK if you are a continuous newspaper reader. Although the facts asked in AFCAT are mostly not very current but almost 1-2 years old.
Math: Revising the basic formulas of ratio and proportion, Profit loss, unitary method, percentage, simple interest and other algebra formula is enough for math. The questions are simple asking only for basic intelligence.
Reasoning: I have practiced reason from the book “A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning”, by Dr. RS Aggarwal and published by S. Chand Publications. It offers a variety of questions with a huge number of questions. You can get both verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions from this book.

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