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GTOLecturetteList of SSB Lecturette Topics

List of SSB Lecturette Topics

Hello friends this article is about various lecturette topics. As each test in SSB is equally important same thing applies here. Generally, topics for Lecturette of Service Selection Boards are simple in nature and a person who is a little bit aware of all the latest happening in world can easily pass this task.  Lecturette is a task from the Group Testing/GTO series.

In this a candidate is asked to deliver a short talk on any one of the topic given to him/her out of the four topics like extempore. As in this test no one is going to interrupt you while speaking, so your performance depends totally upon you.

List of SSB Lecturette Topics 2013

Your self confidence, stamina level, expression without hesitation and not to forget your knowledge about the topic will be tested in this test. Here I am listing few topics for lecturrete to help aspirants to prepare for them:

  • Population explosion
  • Corruption in modern India
  • Pollution
  • Water shortage
  • Global warming
  • Non conventional energy
  • Disaster management
  • Unemployment in India
  • Drug abuse
  • Female infanticide
  • Educating a girl child
  • Status of women in India
  • AIDS
  • Child labour
  • Poverty
  • Reservation
  • Ragging
  • Value of sports and games
  • Single parenting in india
  • Medical tourism
  • Tourism in india
  • Freedom of press
  • My role model
  • My hobby
  • Role of opposition in democracy
  • India’s neighbors
  • Terrorism a global threat
  • Judicial reforms
  • Police reforms
  • Human rights
  • Gay rights
  • Role of media
  • Globalization
  • Kashmir problem
  • CTBT and  India
  • Nuclear power
  • Uniform civil code
  • Cloning
  • Missile development in india
  • Space research in india
  • Agriculture in india
  • River water disputes
  • Inflation
  • FDI
  • Do we need more states
  • Banana government
  • Women empowerment
  • Indo-Pak relations
  • Indo-China relations
  • Article 370
  • Compulsory military training
  • India –US relationship :future
  • Naxal problem
  • Sex education
  • Reservation for women
  • Generation gap
  • Use of drugs in sports
  • RTI
  • RTE

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