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Pay and Allowances of Indian Airforce Officer 2022


One of the attractive parts apart from patriotism, honor and passion is the salary structure of the IAF which draws the youth towards IAF. IAF takes care of its officer very well and pays them a handsome amount of salary along with a lot of additional benefits and allowances.

Indian Airforce Officer Pay Scale 7th Pay Commission – Updated

Indian Air Force Pay Scale 2018 2019
RankLevel(Pay in Rs.)
Flying OfficerLevel 1056,100 – 1,77,500
Flight LieutenantLevel 10 B6,13,00-1,93,900
Squadron LeaderLevel 116,94,00 – 2,07,200
Wing CommanderLevel 12A1,21,200 – 2,12400
Group CaptainLevel 131,30,600-2, 15,900
Air CommodoreLevel 13A1,39,600-2,17,600
Air Vice MarshalLevel 141,44,200-2,18,200
Air Marshal HAG ScaleLevel 151, 82, 200-2,24,100
HAG+ScaleLevel 162,05,400 – 2,24,400
VACS/Airforce Cdr/ Air Marshal (NFSG)Level 172,25,000/-(fixed)
CASLevel 182,50,000/-(fixed)

Here is look at the pay scale of the initial most rank i.e. of a Flying officer in the IAF:

  • Pay in Pay Band (Common to all Branches) – Rs 15,600 Per Month (The officer will be placed in PB 3 – 15600-39100)
  • Grade Pay :- Rs 5400 PM
  • Military Service Pay :- Rs 6000 PM
  • Dearness Allowance @ 80 percent :- Rs 21600 PM
  • Kit Maintenance Allowance :- Rs 500 PM
  • Transport Allowance :- Rs 3200 + DA ( major cities) / 1600 + DA ( Other cities)
Pay and Allowances of Indian Airforce

  In addition the following allowances are admissible to the newly Commissioned Officers in Flying and Technical Branches.  

  • Flying Allowance @ Rs 11250 PM to Flying Branch Officers.
  • Technical Allowance @ Rs 2500 PM to Technical Branch Officers

Gross Monthly Emoluments

The first monthly pay package of Flying Officers in all the branches would be as under (This does not Include other allowances based on place of posting except Transport Allowance of major cities which is included).

 Flying BranchTechnical BranchGround Duty Branch
Total Emoluments (in Rs)66110/-57360/-54860/-

As you grow in rank and stature in the Air Force, your income and other entitlements also increase in harmony with your enhanced responsibilities.Specifications about Flying and Technical Allowances:

RankFlying Pay
Flying OfficerRs 11,250 /-
Flight LieutenantRs 13,750 /-
Squadron LeaderRs 17,500/-
Wing CommanderRs 17,500/-
Group CaptainRs 17,500/-
Air Commodore & aboveRs 13,125/-

Similarly, Technical Allowance for Tier-I course is Rs 2500/- Per Month and for Tier-II course Rs 3750/- Per Month

A look at the Pay Band of all ranks

Sr.No.RankPay/Band ScalePay Band/ScaleGrade PayMsp
  1.  Flying OfficerPb-315600-3910054006000
  2.  Flight LieutenantPb-315600-3910061006000
  3.  Sqn. LeaderPb-315600-3910066006000
  4.  Wing CommanderPb-437400-6700076006000
  5.  Group CaptainPb-437400-6700087006000
  6.  Air CommodorePb-437400-6700089006000
  7.  Air Vice MarshalPb-437400-67000100006000
  8.  Air MarshalPb-437400-67000120006000
    9.    Chief Of Commands    Apex Scale    80000    –    –
  10.  Chief Of AirforceChief90000

Pay Band of Indian Air Force

RankPay-Scale BandPay-ScaleGrade PayMedian Scale
Flying OfficerPB-III15,600-39,10054006000
Flight LieutenantPB-III15,600-39,10051006000
Squadron LeaderPB-III15,600-39,10066006000
Wing CommanderPB-IV37,400-67,00076006000
Group CaptainPB-IV37,400-67,00087006000
Air Vice MarshalPB-IV37,400-67,000100006000
Air CommodorePB-IV37,400-67,00089006000
Air MarshalPB-IV37,400-67,000120006000
Chief of CommandsApex Band80,000 INRNANA
Air Force ChiefApex Band90,000 INRNANA

Pay-Scale Structure of Newly Inducted Flying Officers

Structure Structure
Pay Band (universal for all branches)15,600 INR per month
Grade Pay5,400 INR per month
Military Service Pay6,000 INR per month
Dearness Allowance calculated @ of 80% of Gross Emoluments21,600 INR per month
Kit Maintenance Allowance500 INR per month
Transport Allowance3200 INR per month (in key metros) and 1600 INR per month (in rest of the towns and cities)
Flying Allowance (for flying branch officers)11,250 INR per month
Technical Allowance (for technical branch officers)2,500 per month

Gross Emoluments of Flying Officers Salary Per Month

The salary in the first month for Flying Officers categorized under the different branches are as follows. The remuneration does not comprise other permissible allowances depending upon the station of posting excepting conveyance allowance in major metros. As you garner experience, your standing in the IAF goes up correspondingly and with that your total earnings and other perquisites also augment in tandem.

BranchAverage Salary In Lakhs INR
Ground Duty Branch54,860 INR
Technical Branch57,360 INR
Flying Branch66,110 INR

Flying Allowances and Technical Stipends for Different Ranks

Rank/Designation/PositionAverage Salary In Lakhs INR (Flying Pay)
Air Commodore & Beyond13,125 INR per month
Group Captain17,500 INR per month
Wing Commander17,500 INR per month
Squadron Leader17,500 INR per month
Flight Lieutenant13,750 INR per month
Flying Officer11,250 INR per month

Salaries According to Job Position

Job PositionAverage Salary In Lakhs INR
Technician25,840 INR per month
Air Force Pilot82,000 INR per month
Airman33,850 INR per month
Senior NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer)47,337 INR per month
Mechanical Transport Operator4,00,500 INR (per annum)
Administrator4,53,400 INR (per annum)
Administrative Officer10,28,000 INR (per annum)
Logistician28,000 INR per month
Police40,000 INR per month

Salaries in Terms of Exp.

Years Of ExperienceAverage Salary In Lakhs INR
5-9 years8,95,050 INR
10-19 years7,80,000 INR
20 years and above6,30,000 IN

Pay & Allowances – Air Force Civilians

Pay ScalePay BandCorresponding Pay BandsGrade Pay


Class Of CityRate
X30% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA
Y20% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA
Z10% Of Pay In Band+Grade Pay+NPA

Transport Allowance

# Grade Pay Below Rs. 4200 But Pay
In Pay Band Is 7440 And Above AlsoRs. 1600 + DA On TPTRs. 800 + DA On TPT

ClassIn A1 & A EarlierOther Class
Grade Pay Of 5400 & Above
# Grade Pay Of Rs.4200,4600 & 4800
Rs.3200 + DA On TPTRs. 1600 + DA On TPT
Grade Pay Below Rs. 4200 And Pay
In Pay Band Below Rs.7440.
Rs. 600 + DA On TPTRs. 400 + DA On TPT

*Source: indianairforce.nic.inAlso Check

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