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GTOGroup Planning ExerciseGroup Planning Exercise 7 SSB Interview

Group Planning Exercise 7 SSB Interview

Let's practice Group Planning Exercise Part 7 with the map and situation given below.

Group planning exercise is the first task of the GTO, and should be seen as a sound opportunity for making an impression on the GTO. A group planning exercise contains a set of problems which brings out all “officers’ like qualities” in a candidate which encompasses quality to lead (the lads), organizing, courage, team work, spontaneity, and effective intelligence, etc.

We are sharing an exercise to practice; you can share your remedies in the comment box.  

Group Planning Exercise 7

You are 8 friends from Ranikhet went to Kalnu hills for expedition. You are staying in a small lodge at Malroad market. You have a return train at 7.00 pm leaving for Ranikhet from Sahibabad station. You were taking a stroll in the market when a person comes running to you and tells you there is a landslide have occurred in Kalnu hills and many people get trapped in the landslide. He also tells you that the fish plate of the train track has been removed near Sahibabad station because of poor maintenance. A train passes the track at 6.30pm. In the meanwhile another person tells you that an accident occurred on Ratnagar highway which led few people injured. There is a hospital and a NDRF team in Chaubatia village. Carts are available at Jhakra village. It is 5:00 pm already. As being young and brave, what you will do.

SSB Group Planning Exercise 7

Tips for GPE

  1. Keep a proper body language as it will help you in the group discussion.
  2. Use proper postures and gesture to put your point more effectively.
  3. Locate your position using the direction mentioned in the map. If you get the opportunity to narrate the plan, use direction, distance, time required and the right time to narrate the story.
  4. When GTO narrates a story, listen to it very carefully and count the no. of problems. It will help you to remember the no. of problems and set the priority accordingly.
  5. Prioritize your solution; help the person who needs it utmost.
  6. Use the resources efficiently; it will increase your chance to stand out in your group.
  7. Talk to your group a day before the task and make a strategy. It will help you and your group to follow a strategy.
  8. If someone is narrating the conclusion do not interrupt him in-between.
  9. If you think that a person in a group talks too much or in any means is intimidating, try to talk to him before the task starts and tell him that the purpose is to get recommended not to fight.
  10. Try to give a reason behind your points it will help others to understand your point.
  11. Use proper postures and gesture to put your point more effectively.
  12. Always wear a smile while a task, you are there for a discussion only not a war.
  13. Try to give a reason behind your points it will help others to understand your point.
  14. Divide the group according to requirement. Send more people where the situation is more vulnerable.

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  1. Priorities problem
    1) saving life of injured from accident
    2) rescuing people from expedition
    3) saving and alerting train authority of removal of fish plate

    Taxies, van at mall road
    Jakhro village carts
    Public transport on highway
    Time and distance
    Mall road to kalnu hills 3km – 5 min
    To highway 5km – 7 min
    To hospital 15km – 20 min
    Sahibabad station – 8km – 13-15 min
    Grp division
    Solution 1- saving injured , grp -1 ,3 will go to highway at accidental point by van, borrow first aid kit ,stop bleeding hospitalize them ,time 30 min , 5 min to hospitalizing time – 5:30 pm
    As all work is going on simultaneously
    Sol 2 – grp -2 teo people will inform authority at mall road ,eith people help reach there before ndrf eill come , grp -1 , 2 people will reach ndrf and inform them . Time – 5 min+ 5 min 15 min for grp -2 , 45 min for ndrf to reach site 5:15 and 5:45
    Sol -3 , remaining 3 will go to station by taxi on way alert people about landslide ,reach station inform authority get it repaired time 5:20 ,
    After completing all work they will met at railway station at 6:30 pm and eent to their home

    • Vivek, you can use Hindi in ssb, if u can speak effectively. There is no restriction on to use hindi in ssb. Bt, they prefer to use english,bcz it is an official languahe of india nd moreover most of person not able to understand hindi such as those person who live in south. So, i suggest u to use english.

    • well if u want to use hindi and use hindi +english mix in gd or in gpe
      and try t use english i every other task even in interview
      i have decided to folow same thing in my forthcoming ssb

      • Firstly we divided team into two parts A,B… Team A will go to hill to save slided people Team B’s two memebers will go to jakhra village to inform people of jakhra village and two will go to “first aid” accident people and when their others members come with carts and people they will carry to hospital.. where they will meet ndr team to tell about the matter of karla hills..and also with help of pco they will inform railway authrotiy team to fish plate..

        • There is no need to inform railways about fish plates because it must be railway officials who had removed the fish plates because of maintenance and they will schedule trains accordingly. It is not said in question that any people or gang has removed the fish plates. So there is no need to worry about that.


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