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Group Planning Exercise 6 SSB Interview

Let's practice Group Planning Exercise Part 6 with the map and situation given below.


Here is another unsolved GPE Group Planing Exercise sample for you. Candidates can look at the GPE map and sample situation details below. Candidates can write their responses in the comment box below and can also comment on other candidates’ solution. One should not take more than 10 mins to write the full GPE solution.


Group Planning Exercise 6 Details

You are group of 8 students of Kumarpur College returning from Lalbagh after winning a Football Competition. As your mini bus stopped at the petrol pump-cum-garage to get the headlights of the mini-bus repaired, you saw a person lying in a pool of blood. He told you that he is a native of Rampur village and a communal crisis broke down in Rampur village. As he came to the petrol pump to ask help of the attendant and call police some terrorists attacked the pump and beaten him up and cut off the telephone wires.They also took the attendant with them. He managed to hear their conversation. They planned to bomb  the Dusshera Mela at 6.00 pm. They have also planned to kill the CM who is coming for the inauguration of Dusshera Mela at the Helipad at 5.30pm. They have also removed the fish plates near Rampur village. The train will pass Rampur village at 6.30 pm. After telling this the man fell unconscious. Just then a man inquires about you and tells you that your mother got dengue . Jetty facility is available at Surya canal from 4.00pm to 8.00pm. Police station and Army unit is there in Shyamli town . A  PCO is also available at Shyamli town.  There are some carts available at Ramte ram village. Now the time is 4.00pm. You have got a mini-bus with you, being a young and brave students what will you do?

Group Planning Exercise 6 Map

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  1. hello! according to me
    we are a group of 8 members we were on a journey to kumarpur as we stopped at petrol pump cum garage we came across many problems….I will divide my group into 4 teams of 2 members each
    priority wise solution would be
    two of us will hire an immediately available vehicle from the garage and take him to the hospital in ramte ram village since in Rampur there is a communal crisis so it’s not safe there before that the wound will be covered with cloth to stop bleeding.
    total time = 10min, total distance approx 2-3KM

    two of us will get into the mini bus stopping the repair and go to the shyamli twon among the two one will inform the police about the assassination going to happen in helipad of CM and mela attack and the other will inform the army about the communal crisis.
    total time = 15 + 20 min to get the personels deployed in respective areas, total distance = 5KM

    two of us will take a bike from the garage and through non motorable road will go near the rampur railway crossing and inform the line man about missing fish plate who will further communicate with service mens near by.
    total distance= 10KM, total time= 20-30 min

    remaining two of us one of which is me will travell to kumarpur via mini bus which returned from shyamli village and hospitalize her in the near by available
    time taken= 40min total distance= 25+5km for home to hospital

    after accomplishing all the task by 5:00pm approx we will gather in garage get the headlights repaired and move towards rampur by 5:30 pm

    thanks and feedbacks are always welcomed

  2. You can send 2 person to pacify People at Rampur village till the police came
    2 person including driver will at army and police base
    2 person will be at dushara ground
    2 at railway crossing
    All will be utilised

  3. I agree with your point sandeep.
    Here There are 5 problems .According to the priority 1st preference is given for person lying in blood shed.secondly killing of cm at Helipad as this takes at 5:30 pm.Thirdly bomb blast at Dushera Mela which happens at 6 pm.Next comes to removal fish plates and train passage at 6:30pm.Lastly Mother’s ill health.
    Firstly Flow of blood should be stopped using First aid box in the bus and he should be sent to the army camp with Three persons from the group.This process starts BY 4:15 pm.The distance will be around 15 km which can be covered in 30 minutes.There in military hospital the person gets treatment.Also inform all the details to them.one will go to police station and tell about communal revolt in rampur village .other will reach pco and inform about fish plates to the railway police.
    At the same time two more people reach dushera mela and alert the people about bomb before army comes.Now the time is 4:50 pm.Army by dividing into two groups one will reach helipad by 5:20 for the rescue of CM and the other reach dushera mela to dispose the bomb.by 6:pm
    Two of the remaining 5 will go to bridge and stand with red cloth to stop the train if it takes much time for the railway police to clear the fish plates.
    After solving all problems everyone get into the mini bus and others at the rampur also catch the bus in the middle and reach the spot by 7:30 to attend the mother suffering from dengue.

    But i am unable to find the way to usr remaining 3 persons.Do you have any guys….


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