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Officers Like Qualities Explained

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The three assessors measure the same 15 officers like qualities using their respective tools and techniques. It is important for you to know what you are getting tested for at the SSB.
The Fifteen Officer like Qualities are.

Officers Like Qualities Explained

Social Adjustment:
  • Social adaptability: ability of a person to adapt himself to the social environment and adjust well with persons and social groups.
  • Cooperation: It is the attitude of an individual to participate willingly in harmony with others in a group achieving the group goal.
  • Sense of Responsibility: It is the thorough understanding of the values of duty, social standard and of what is expected of individual and then giving it his energy and attention on own accord.
    Officers Like Qualities Explained
Planning and Organizing:
  • Effective Intelligence: This is the ability of a person to evolve solutions to practical problems.
  • Reasoning Ability: It is the ability of a person to grasp a given situation and arrive at the conclusion by rational thinking.
  • Organizing Ability: It is the ability to use the resources systematically to produce the desired result.
  • Power of Expression: It is the ability to put forward one’s ideas with ease and clarity.
Social Effectiveness:
  • Initiative: It is an ability to originate an action.
  • Self Confidence: It is the faith in your own abilities to meet unfamiliar situations.
  • Speed of Decision: It is an ability to arrive at a practical decision quickly.
  • Ability to influence the group: It is the ability of a person that enables him to get willing efforts of others to achieve the objectives set by him.
  • Liveliness: It is the ability of a person to remain cheerful when faced with difficulties to bring about a cheerful atmosphere in the group.
  • Determination: It is the ability to put in sustained efforts to achieve objectives in spite of the obstacles and setbacks.
  • Courage: It is an ability to appreciate and take purposive risks.
  • Stamina: It is the ability to withstand physical and mental endurance.
One must try to perform as per these 15 OLQs and show these qualities during their performance in GTO, Psychology and Personal Interview.
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