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Command Task and Your Conduct

Command Task and Your Conduct
Command task is a part of the GT series. In this task you are made the commander and you have to cross an obstacle, similar to PGT. The difference is that in this only you are responsible and you have to make the whole plan of action to carry out in order to cross the given area. All the rules remain the same. There is only one obstacle to be crossed. The GTO tells you to call a helper. The number of helper depends on the difficulty of the task. It’s ideal to call 1-2 helpers. For detailed knowledge on command task refer to the article explaining it.

Here are some points related to the command task which will help you in performing better.

  • Some GTO’s say that you can call any number of helpers, don’t really believe in this line and stick to the standard number that is either one or two.
  • Command Task takes place after PGT, HGT etc. so you have a fair idea how each member of the group is performing. Now Command Task is not the place to show friendship, so call only those member/s whom you find fit and of like mentality as yours.
    Command Task and Your Conduct
  • The biggest question is how to choose the helpers. There are some members in the group who will continuously say that please call me, but you don’t have to. Call only the person who you think is performing well, you can get a fair idea by PGT,HGT so call the one who is giving idea, doing the work, and is ready to take risks by walking on the bridges.
  • Another question which bothers is what you should do in the CT, whether you should just give orders or you should do the work by yourself. The answer is fairly simple. What a leader does? She/he utilizes the given resources in the best way. You have to do the same thing. Ask your helpers to help you, but remember you are the commander and you should also do the work. Hence order your helpers to do certain things and you yourself should also be seen working.
  • There could be times when your helpers are not able to understand your instructions, at those times go ahead and do it practically by yourself, never scream at your helpers, similarly don’t be very polite. Your tone should be commanding.
  • Your helpers are provided to you for helping with their muscle and strength and not with their mind. Hence be sure to not ask for solutions. Utilize them just like you utilize your rope, plank and log. Can you ask for ideas from a rope? Obviously you know the answer.
  • An important part of command task is when you are called as a helper. Be obedient and follow the instructions of your commander. Do not give ideas or volunteer to do something. Do exactly what your commander asks you to. If he/she asks you to walk on a bridge which is not very durable then too do it.
  • You GTO might keep on increasing the level of difficulty for you in the command task. The idea is to see your will power, never give up keep trying.
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