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Importance Of SSB Interview Command Task

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The Command Task: This is the last and the final task in the GTO tasks. This is the confirmatory task. Contrary to what we have analyzed all this while, this activity concentrates on the behavior of the individual instead of dealing with the entire group. Let us now see how this task is actually carried out and some of the features.

  1. The Command Task is very similar to the PGT that we have done earlier. The rules remain the same, barring the group rule.
  2. All the members of the group are made to sit in a place that is far away from the actual testing location.
  3. This task is usually conducted on the second day of the Group Testing series of activities.
  4. An individual from the group is called by the GTO officer for a chat. He is selected as the Commander at this stage. In order to make this person easy and comfortable, the GTO exchanges some pleasantries and talks to him.
  5. The task or the activity is then explained to the Commander by the GTO following which; he or she is asked to choose some subordinates to complete the task.
  6. Like always, a time period of 15 minutes is allotted to the group within which they are expected to complete the command task successfully.

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Purpose of the command task

A number of qualities are put to test via this task alone. Let us have a look at the purpose of this activity:

  1. Leadership skills of the commander
  2. How well the Commander plans the task and goes along with it
  3. How well the Commander can tackle failure and disappointments and still have the strength to continue further
  4. Crisis handling skills of the commander
  5. The popularity of the leader within the group
  6. The interest and body language of the others in the group and to check how motivated they are in the activity.

Tips to do well in the command task

As a commander, a lot of your leadership skills are put to test. So, it is best to be extremely careful and vigilant in taking decisions. Here are some ideas to help you get through this task with flying colors:

  • It is essential to listen to the GTO properly while he is briefing you about the task.
  • When you are asked to choose the most appropriate members of your squad, make sure it is a well-informed It is best not to hold personal bias or pre-conceived notions in the mind.
  • Making a good plan for the task is half the work done. But one important aspect here is to communicate with the team members about your ideas so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Being a leader means you would be expected to be fair and rational in your behavior. Appreciating your team members for a good job is as important as correcting them for errors. But, everything has to be done politely.
  • One essential quality of a leader is to maintain his position of leadership. So, make yourself absolutely necessary and be an indispensable part of the group.
  • This task is synonymous with a real military operation. In there, the decisions can mark the difference between death and life. So, these choices become very important. Similarly, measure your decisions well in this Commander task.
  • In order to test you, the GTO might try to divert your attention or distract you. This is done mainly to see how consistent you are, as a leader. So, in spite of all the distractions, the focus should not shift from the main plan and execution. It also happens sometimes that the GTO purposely rejects a certain proposal you make. This is his way of analyzing your reaction to failure and how you cope with it.
  • Finally, group dynamism once again makes its way here. Since this is a group activity, proper coordination is expected to be maintained at all times. The body language of the team members goes a long way in portraying how well they are kept, how motivated they are and how well they have accepted your leadership. This is what will lead to adjustment and coordination within the group.

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