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Group Discussion and Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview


Group discussion is the first and the foremost task of the GTO and it is very important to perform well in the discussion as it will make an impact on the group as well as on the GTO. We are briefly explaining some of the topics which are very important regarding SSB. These are just the introduction which is based on the information over different newspapers and articles over the internet.

Syrian Crisis

With UN reports affirming the Syrian army using Chemical weapons against its own people, so under given circumstance if the US go ahead and attack on Syria, like it is openly saying on the use of Chemical weapons used by Syria, the prices of crude oil will skyrocket and the growth of Indian economy will be grossly affected with depreciation of rupee in international market.

Group Discussion and Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview


One would wonder if how the prices of crude oil will increase, as Syria is not a big oil exporter but still can impact Indian market very severely. Therefore, the most important factor one has to understand is that Syria is a country with majority of Sunni Muslim but President Bashar-al-asad, who is an Alwite, is more inclined to Shia community along with Iran and Iraq which also Shia Muslim countries. Now since, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Sunni Muslim countries; they confer their support in rebels in Syria, who are Sunni majors and helping the rebels.
But this also holds an economic factor to Saudi-Qatar opposition and Syrian government. If Basher-al-asad is dethroned, then Saudi and Qatar can laid an oil-gas pipeline via through Syria to Mediterranean and beyond and can buy former’s oil and latter’s gas.
Russia supplies oil and gas to Europe and would be affected by Saudi and Qatar interference in Europe.  This is why Russia is backing Syria. Iran is having a feud with America and it is a Shia Muslim country. Iran also does not want a Sunni regime in Syria.
Now, with its national debt rising and an ongoing conflict emerged in between the democratic and republicans, the US have a huge stake in Syria. The republicans want the debt to be reduced and the democratic are powering to lend more money from the Federal bank. If USA will finance a war, it will mean more spending which means the federal bank has to finance the war. Now a country after war is followed by recession as it happened in 2009 Iraq war and followed by recession.
India imports 78% of its crude oil. If war will break out in Syria, the oil prices will go high and India’s fiscal deficit will increase and economy will slow down. If the oil price will go near 150$ per barrel we have to give 100 Rs per litre of petrol and 1100 Rs for a gas cylinder.

Women Empowerment in India

Nearly 50% of India’s population is women and if we are restricting women in our country, we are restricting 50% of our growth. Women rights and empowerment is one of the widely discussed topics. The attitude of our societies toward women has not changed; dowry, female infanticide and child marriage are still prevalent in our country. Crime against women is increasing and India is among the few countries where women are not safe. The need of empowering women and ultimately our country was raised by many revolutionaries like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Gandhiji, Ishwarchandra vidyasagar. The status of women in our society is one of the reasons behind this crime against women. The status of women needs to be change, the society has always been male dominating and that is the mentality which has been passed on to the younger generation. But with the changes in the society the status is also changing. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Kiran Bedi are few examples that women are equally talented and capable enough to lead our country from the front. Reservation for women in parliament is one of the laws which are yet to be passed. Women education, equality among children, value education, and awareness are some of that factor which can work to empower the status of women in our society.

Indo -China Relations

Regular incursion of Chinese army in twang and ladakh sector has been in the news from quite some time. In spite of boundary dispute between India and China, both the countries have trade business of $ 75 billion which is likely to increase to $ 100 billion by 2015. Line of Actual Control (LAC) is the one of the reason behind this issue. As the International boundary is not marked and the Chinese government do not recognize the Mcmohan line, the LAC has became a virtual boundary between the two nations. A three-week standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in close proximity to each other and the Line of Actual Control between Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region and Aksai Chin was defused on 5 May 2013, days before a trip by Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid to China.

Indo-Pak Relations

Kashmir Conflict– The conflict of Kashmir is since from the days of partition. Approximately one third of Kashmir is under the occupation of Pakistan called Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Operation Gibraltar was launched by Pakistan in 1965 to infiltrate militants in Kashmir.
Siachen Conflict– Siachen glacier is the highest battleground on earth. India launched operation Meghdoot in 1984 during which it gain the control of siachen glacier. India wants Pakistan to authenticate the Indian position along the saltoro Ridge which Paksitan is not ready as it alleges that India has occupied that area. In spite of the urgency shown by Manmohan Singh and the President Musharaff on Siachen, there is no break through on Siachin.
Sir Creek-Sir Creek was supposedly a “low-hanging fruit”, within reach of a resolution between India and Pakistan. The actual dispute is where the boundary between India and Pakistan lies on Sir Creek, Sir creek is a 96 km water body that empties out into the Arabian sea from Rann of Kutch.

Indo-Afghan Relations

Challenges in Indo- afghan relations: After the withdrawal of NATO, Taliban will be rejuvenated under the control of ISI of Pakistan. Second challenge will be from Pakistan which has continued to back Taliban and Anti–Indian actors. Third is the emerging power of Taliban forces in Afghanistan.
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