Primary Training Establishments of the Tri-Services

Primary Training Establishments of the Tri-Services

The tri-services of India consist of Army, Navy and Air Force. All the three have specialized training institutions which are very prestigious and renowned.  There is one tri-services training establishment called National Defence Academy, NDA which works as a feeder for some of these institutions.

Let us look which these training institutions are:


Indian Army has got three major institutions they are Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy Chennai and Officers Training Academy Gaya.
  1. Indian Military Academy (IMA): IMA is situated in Dehradun. The IMA has excellent facilities for all-round development. It is meant for training men for permanent commission in the Army. The future officers of Indian Army pass out through the portals of the Indian Military Academy where rigorous training in leadership, self-discipline and the art of war is imparted to them before they actually take their place as officers in command of troops. The alumni of the IMA have time and again displayed sterling qualities of character, leadership and gallantry often including the supreme sacrifice for the cause of the nation. You can join IMA through National Defence Academy, Combined Defence Service Examination, Army Cadet College, Technical Graduates Entry, and University Entry Scheme.
  2. Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai: It is situated in Chennai. It is meant to train all short service commission officers (both men and women) before they get inducted into the Indian Army. The duration of training in OTA is 49 weeks. The selection process is a written exam followed by the SSB interview and medicals.  For Technical (Engineering) graduates and law graduates it is direct SSB interview and medicals.  If you have done NCC Senior Division (Army) and obtained ‘C’ certificate with minimum ‘B’ grade, you can apply through your NCC Branch HQ/Zonal HQ to Recruiting Directorate for direct SSB interview. SSB qualified candidates undergo a medical examination. SSC means tenure of 10 years extensible up to 14 years. At the end of this period you have two options.  Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out. Those not selected for Permanent Commission have the option of a 4 years extension.  They can resign at any time during this period. A Short Service Commission empowers you with analytical thinking, planning skills, administrative and organizational abilities. 
  3. Officers Training Academy, Gaya: It is a premier institute of Indian Army located in Gaya. OTA Gaya trains the 10+2 Technical entry scheme boys to join permanent commission in the Army. It is meant for TES and SCO entry. The duration of training is one year. It prepares the Gentlemen Cadets for the upcoming Army life. You can join this for 10+2 entry, you can apply after your 12th Exams. Minimum aggregate of 70% is mandatory in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You will be detailed for SSB interview based on the cut off as decided by Recruiting Directorate. Look out for the advertisement published in leading newspapers/employment news in May/Dec every year.
    Primary Training Establishments of the Tri-Services

Air Force

There is majorly one basic training establishment of Indian Air Force. There are other specific training establishments for different courses as well, like flying establishments for advanced flying training, technical college for technical training etc., but the candidates have to undergo an year of basic training first in Air Force Academy (AFA), Dundigal.
  1. Air Force Academy, Dundigal: It is situated in Dundigal near Hyderabad, AP. The Air Force
    Air Force Academy, Dundigal

    Academy imparts training to Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches as well as flying training to officers of the Army and Navy. It prepares you, both in mind and spirit, to take on the responsibilities of an Air Force Officer. Apart from developing the required skills, you are also trained to inculcate the service code of conduct and etiquette that are expected of an officer. You can join AFA through NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, NCC Entries etc. Air Force Academy conducts specialist training for all Ground Duty branches of the Indian Air Force. If you have joined the Administrative, Logistics, Accounts, Education or Meteorology branch, you will be trained at Air Force Academy for a year. Otherwise you are shifted to respective training establishment for Flying or Technical Branch.


Like IAF Indian Navy also has one major training institution in Ehzimala, Kerala, apart from it Navy has other specialization institutes for different branches like INS Hamla (Logistics Training) in Mumbai, INS Garuda (Aviation) etc.
  1. Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala: It is situated in Kerala and is responsible for training the basics
    Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala

    into gentlemen cadets for enabling them to join Indian Navy.  INA also imparts training to Indian Coast Guard trainees. You can join INA through NDA, CDSE or Direct Entry Schemes of Indian Navy. Both SSC and PC candidates are trained here for basics. Cadets coming from NDA have the option to major in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture and are awarded a Bachelor of Technology degree upon graduation. Upon graduation, cadets are commissioned as Sub Lieutenants in the Navy. Candidates can join INA after graduation through CDSE or through Direct entry. Graduating officers often go on for additional training or specialization in areas such as surface warfare, submarine warfare, naval aviation, etc. at other naval schools. Officers joining Indian Coast Guard as Assistant Commandants also undergo basic training along with graduate officer-trainees of the Indian Navy.

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