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What is Picture Perception and Discussion Test PPDT

If given a chance then initiate the discussion, because it may stand out all the candidates are experienced ones and would fairly knowledgeable about the nature of a discussion.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test, commonly known as PPDT, is the test conducted on the first day of the SSB selection procedure along with the OIR (Officers Intelligence Rate) test. All the candidates who were able to clear the exam were called for Phase – II testing straight ahead.

The Conduct

In PPDT, you are shown a hazy and somewhat blurred picture and have to write a story relevant to the picture. You have to remain focused as the picture is hazy and is shown for about 30 seconds. After that, you would four minutes to write the story.

Tips for writing the story

  • The story should always be positive.
  • It should be realistic and which is why I would suggest you that put yourself in that situation before you look for a solution.
  • Use names of your friends as it will be easy for you to remember.
  • Make your own original story relevant to the picture and do not repeat any story that you have read earlier and bear no relevance to the picture frame shown. The basic format should be: a problem arises, the hero solves that problem, and hero feels happy about him solving the problem. Don’t forget the last step, it may seem unnecessary but in fact is very important.
  • Now coming to the narration of the story, the tip you can follow in this case is, by the time you finish your story, without wasting anytime you retell your story to yourself or read it loud enough to yourself without interrupting anyone in order to become confident at the time of narration in front of GTO, IO and psychologist.

Group Discussion

Now this is the crucial and one of the difficult parts, especially for the screened-out and the conference-out candidates. The other candidates also know about the procedure and the group discussion so generally the discussion is always heated and tense. Everyone wants to stand out in the group so that he can have the attention of the assessors. So it is common to have a fish market in the discussion.

oir test and ppdt

Tips to deal with a heated argument/discussion

  • If given a chance then initiate the discussion, because it may standout all the candidates are experienced ones and would fairly know about the nature of a discussion.
  • In which case it will be very chaotic and annoying for you to speak your mind or tell your opinion. Therefore to avoid such a situation, speak when the argumentation is less.
  • The second important thing is that if in your GD, if candidates begin screaming to put some weight to their point then you should also raise your voice in order to make your point, but beware that your points should be valid and your tone should be normal. Also remember that the language you use should match the tenor and decorum of the room.
  • The other important point which you can follow is, during discussion when everyone will be quiet and will listen to others then you have to make sure that you will find that moment to speak out your point as it will help you to stand out in the group.
  • Give good and valid point to lead the story to a conclusion.

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