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VideosIndian Air Force Video Game, Fly SU-30 MKI

Indian Air Force Video Game, Fly SU-30 MKI

Would you believe if you get to know that you can be a pilot and can fly Su-30MKI combat aircraft that too without joining Indian airforce? Well, that’s absolutely true. Your dream can be fulfilled and you’ll be able to fly a super maneuverable air superiority fighter aircraft Sukhoi Su-30MKI anytime and anywhere. We all know that video games have evolved from a passive form of entertainment to a versatile medium incorporated into many aspects of life. Since it can be played not only on computers but also on smart phones and tablets, it has attracted people of all ages.

Due to the prevalence and adoption of video games in our daily lives, some corporations use game mechanics to attract and interact with people. The same step is taken by an IAF by developing a mobile gaming application called ‘Guardians of the Sky’ to attract youth.  The game has been developed by a private vendor ‘M/s Threye’ for the IAF. It is likely to be released by early July and will be made available on Windows, Android and IOS platforms. This game application is especially developed to attract the youth between ages of 14-18 to join the force; however, it might become a major attraction for everyone.

Indian Air Force Video Game, Fly SU-30 MKI
The mobile game will be released in two phases under which one training mission and two operational missions would be released in the first phase while players will get to carry out eight virtual operational missions under the second phase. The main highlights of the game will be:
  • To make the players carry out virtual attacks on enemy targets flying a Su-30MKI combat aircraft.
  • The various combat scenarios undertaken by the Air Force in an appealing manner so as to immerse the player in the game with the ‘having been there’ sensations.
  • To motivate youth to consider the IAF as a challenging career.

Now go and fly your dream aircraft!
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