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Developing Social Quotient for SSB Interview

There is a popular saying that “Man Is a Social Animal”. We humans are bounded by the norms and traditions of the society in which we live. Every human being must be adept in dealing with various kinds of people in order to lead a purposeful and prosperous life. Though it seems to be an easy task, developing social quotient requires lots of prudence.

Have you ever wondered how certain kinds of people befriend others easily?
How certain people get their work done swiftly?
Why certain people are liked by all?

On the contrary why certain people are execrated by many?
Why certain individuals annoy frequently?
Why no one likes certain individual’s company?

The answer to all of these questions lies in their SOCIAL QUOTEINT. People having high social quotient will have it very easy in their life to deal with others while people having a shallow social quotient will find themselves jeopardized in situations involving human relationships.
In this post we will discuss the ways to develop social quotient. People having high social quotient will more often than not have no difficulty in clearing GTO (Group Tasks) tasks in the SSB interview. Moreover, in the defense services an officer has so many men as his subordinates. Therefore, a high social quotient becomes an inextricable quality for an officer in the armed forces.

  1. BE AN EXTROVERT: An extrovert is a person who is affable, vivacious and congenial. He likes to be surrounded by people. He is outgoing and gets charged up by seeing people around him. Hence, to inculcate this quality one has to be expressive enough with his friends and family. One has to get out of the stigma of having so many people around him. They are people just like you and me and hence, one should slowly but steadily become more expressive and less apprehensive while conversing with others. Remember, being mere talkative will not guarantee you high social quotient; one must speak sense and win the confidence of others.
  2. BE LIVELY IN ADVERSE SITUATIONS: Every individual has to deal with his share of problems in his life. Instead of quibbling about your problems, take them head on. One gentleman has rightly said “, if your problem has a solution, why worry and if your problem doesn’t have a solution, why worry”. So in direct words, becoming depressed at the advent of adversities will make only matters worse. Be positive and try the best you can to quell the problem.
  3. GIVE RESPECT TAKE RESPECT: This is one of the most important factors governing the social quotient of individuals. Every human being is a special creation of god. You should not regard anyone as inferior to you and spurn his view and opinions. You should deal with people the way you want to be dealt by them.
  4. HAVE GOOD WRITTEN AND ORAL EXPRESSION: Everybody has a set of thoughts in his mind. All that matters is the way in which you express those thoughts. Your tongue is a gigantic weapon in your arsenal; it can make or break situations. You should be perspicuous in your opinions and expressions. Your speech must have a resounding impact on the listener. Then only you will be able to convince him to get your work done. At the same time your written expression also matters. You will be regarded with high respect if you are able to express your views with brevity on a piece of paper.
  5. HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR: Needless to say; people enjoy the company of individuals who are adept at cracking jokes. Laughing is one of the best exercises which refreshes you mind and body. If you possess the art of making others laugh, you will attract people like a magnet. I am not advising you to become a comedian but you can start seeing the lighter side of any situation and make the matters less complicated.
  6. BE ACCEPTABLE AS A LEADER: When you are in a group, it is imperative that there is an individual who leads the group. To become an apt leader you must take cognizance of the needs of your people and take the best decision possible. You should not show bias towards any individual. Also, you must not bog down during testing times. If you stand by your team members they will also stand by you.

This was it in today’s article about social quotient; I hope this article has helped in getting clarity about the issue discussed. Be kind enough to post your reviews and views in the comment box below. You may get in touch with me at vardaan.parashar@gmail.com. Keep following our website for more such unique articles. JAI HIND

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