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Indian Army Requiring Modernization

If there is one thing permanent in this mercurial and ever changing world, that is change. The world today is moving as fast as ever, if one wishes to catch up with it, one has to incorporate constant up gradations and modernizations in oneself. As far Indian Army is concerned this statement is an understatement. Yes, the Indian Army is India’s prestigious and most revered institution but there is a feeling that the needs and demands of the Indian Army have not been met more often than not. Therefore, Indian Army is fettered by its technological and governmental limitations.

Indian Army Requiring Modernization WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

  • We all are aware of the fact that we are numero uno in the list of arms exporters of the world. We Indian Army Requiring Modernizationare majorly dependent on countries like Russia and Israel to meet our hardware demands.
  • As the world is changing rapidly there is an utter need to include modern and advanced equipments in the arsenal of the Indian Army. Given the governance system we have in place, there are lots of bureaucratic delays and spanners in the path of equipment procurement.
  • The governmental institutions like the Ordnance Factories Board (OFBs) and DRDO have been rattled with technological and procedural delays which only exacerbate the situation.
  • As a result most of the equipments are on the verge of obsolescence or in dire need of up gradation. If India wants to keep enemies like China and Pakistan at bay, it has to undergo a revamp.
  • The mechanized infantry comprises of tanks such as Arjun MKI, T-72, T-72M1s, MBTs (Main Battle Tanks). Most of these tanks are bereft of adequate ammunition and also lack night fighting capabilities except for Arjun and T-90.
  • There is an extreme and inordinate shortage of ammunition. All the weapons are of no use without the ammunitions. Army has a critically low level of ammunition reserves and therefore it is forced to buy them at highly beefed up prices.
  • In addition to this when we talk about artillery, in the past 30 odd years no new gun has been included. India’s indecision about replacing the 180 mm caliber guns with the 155 mm has only made matters worse.

Indian Army Requiring Modernization POSSIBLE SOLUTION

  • All that wars we fought and won be it the 1971 war or the 1965 war underlined our dependence on a foreign nation (Russia) to help us win. In this unpredictable and precarious scenario we can take no one for granted. There is no other option than becoming self sufficient.
  • The procurements of equipments will take time no matter what. Making indigenous equipments will lead to more delay. Therefore, we need to prioritize the things which we require. For example new up gradations can wait but bullets cannot.
  • The government has to get its act together and show its indulgence in the defense of our country. Over used equipments have taken precious lives of our men already. No further slack can be tolerated
  • A long term procurement and production policy needs to be set up. The Make in India campaign is good initiative to draw foreign companies in defense manufacturing.
  • Partial or full privatization of Ordnance factories and inviting private players to stir up the competition is a good idea.
  • Transfer of Technology route can be taken to address immediate woes.
  • Last but not the least, youngsters have to be encouraged and motivated to join this rather challenging field of defense equipment production.

This was it in the article about the modernization prospects of Indian Army. I hope you people have deciphered each and everything in this article; you can contact me on vardaan.parashar@gmail.com for any query. Till then stay strong stay focused!!! JAI HIND

Vardaan Parashar
Vardaan Parasharhttps://ssbcrack.com/
Apart from being a defence enthusiast, I have great zeal towards patriotic and welfare activities. I hail from a rich defence background with my dad being a retired commandant in the Indian Coast Guard. I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering and wish to join DRDO one day.
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