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20 Toughest Word Association Test Examples

We all know how difficult is to handle word association test while psychological testing at SSB. Word association test is a set of 60 words with a mix of easy and difficult words. Things which make word association test difficult is the time limit which is 15 secs for each word and type of words which might be out of your vocabulary. The real challenge is to make a sentence on a word which is not in your vocabulary and you have never heard it. Also, words which are negative or give us a negative thoughts at a first look are also very difficult to handle at times. In this post we are going to give few examples of word association test words which might be difficult for you but if you practice them beforehand, it will be easy for you to write a sentence on them.

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20 Toughest Word Association Test Examples

Toughest Words Association Test Examples

1. Risk

2. Worry

3. Cheat

4. Error

5. Persuade

6. Compromise

7. Defeat

8. Cry

9. Depression

10. Sex

11. Hijack

12. Kill

13. Sputnik

14. Vulgar

15. Murder

16. Deteriorate

17. Disobey

18. Desperate

19. Rape

20. Shame

List of Negative Word Association Test Examples

You may find these words easy but for most of us, these words would create a negative thoughts at the first look and try to manipulate our mind, most of the candidates write very negative sentence for these words which cause lot of damage to your performance in SSB interview.

Tips To Handle Toughest Word Association Test Examples

1. Collect as many as difficult words you can think of a sentence which shows the positive side of it.

2. The best practice is to take sentence from real life example or may be a sentence from your own life.

3. Do not write sentences which show pessimism or a bad habit.

4. If you are not sure, you may leave that words instead of writing something negative.

5. If you have time, come back and write a sentence of the left out word with peaceful mind.

Hope these toughest word association test examples would help you to success in psychological test and make your ssb interview a success.

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