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13 Pictures Of NDA Cadets Showing Their Transition From Boys To Men

They say really warriors get trained at National Defence Academy, Pune. Training schedule at NDA is rigorous and not all young boys can handle the pain of going through a tough training of NDA. Cadets get three years of training at NDA and then they move to IMA, AFA or NA as per their choice. National defence academy at Pune is turning boys into men since long. NDA gave us great warriors and doing the same since long. Joining NDA is a dream for every defence aspirants. So here are the pictures of NDA boys turning into men.

1. Always a winner, boosting my self-confidence. Look at the cadets in the background. That Josh!!

NDA Cross Country

2. After all, running 40 km is not a joke. Building stamina and will power. I will never leave a fallen cadet behind.

NDA Cadets Running

3. I’m not on holiday, this is my daily routine. Let it be a jump from the sky or sliding on water, we do it all.


4. Shoot to Kill. One Bullet One Enemy. Weapon Training at NDA, Pune.

NDA Cadets Rifle Training

5. Learning close combat tactics. No Ammo? No Worries.

NDA Cadet at Training

6. Assembling rifles with a blindfold. Like a Boss.

NDA Cadet Blindfold Training

7. This would help me to climb the snow wall in Siachen at -10 Degree Celcius.

NDA Cadet Training Climbing

8. Courage and Confidence, a pack of all.

NDA Cadet in training

9. Keeping a low profile. We do what we are meant for. No Hawabazi.

Training at NDA Pune

10. Learning what other people miss in their lives. That’s called “comradery”. We leave no men behind in war.

NDA Cadets in training

11. Completing my training like a boss. Can you see the confidence on my face?


12. King of Kings. Look at my chest, this is what I have earned in Training.

Gold Medal at NDA POP

13. Getting awarded by Cheif of Indian Army motivates me more.


The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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