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How I Got Recommended in SSB, All You Need To Know


How I Got Recommended in SSB, All You Need To Know. OK, so I’m writing one last article before I join the academy. People ask me, how I cracked SSB? Well, this was my planning, I would put all of it down here.

Are you one of those kids who used to get a thrashing for not learning your tables? If yes, go thank your parents now. They helped you in making your calculation faster. And if your calculation is fast, OIR test would be easy for you. The crux of the story, reasoning+calculation would help you pass the OIR test.
Coming to the PPDT part, I’ve seen people writing stories big enough for them to handle. I’ll quote an example, there’s a picture which shows that a horse cart has been hit by a truck and it has fallen down, and people have assembled around it, and a boy is passing nearby.How I Got Recommended in SSB, All You Need To Know
Now, the boy is you. What would you do? Help the injured, call the ambulance and police and give them first aid? But if you start writing that when ram grows up he builds a flyover bridge so that fewer accidents take place in future, buddy you are going out. If not the first day, you’ll go out the last day. But you’ll leave.
Write a story that makes sense, what you can do in the situation, because the main character is you. Keep it realistic.
Narration should be bold, don’t stutter or stammer. Be confident, that yes I’m the one who’ll get recommended. But don’t have this feeling that I’ll be the only one to get recommended. There’s a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence, remember that.
Coming to the GD part. When you have a b’day party at home, at the time of planning it, you allow your mom to speak, right? Or as soon as she opens her mouth you start shouting? If you do that, you would’ve got things.

See, a GD is a discussion. You have to allow everyone to speak, so speak once or twice, that would do. Give some good points, not stupid ones. Try to quieten the group. And quote the example before hand to people Of your group, make them understand.
Hope this would get you in. It got me, and it helps.

TAT: Write unique stories. Try writing a new one every time, it shows you can imagine. Also keep in mind what I said earlier, keep the stories in real time. Not over the top stories. And one more thing, don’t go on distributing medals to people unless it is somewhat shown in the picture. See, awards are won with very much difficulty. So don’t go pronounce a PVC for someone. You are the main character, remember that. Try including some OLQ in every story, like helpful nature etc.
WAT+SRT:  Write a spontaneous reply. Don’t makeup sentences before hand and go paste them there. Write anything, but avoid I, should, could, can, if etc. Why? It shows probability. In defence, there are only two options like the logic gates, either 0 or 1. No middle path. Practice at home, within the stipulated time limit. It helps a lot. I completed all my SRT’s and still the clock ticked on for 3-4 more minutes because I had practiced writing at home.
SD: Make up an effective SD. Keep it honest, try to show your OLQ’s there. Don’t try to bluff your SD, because if you get caught anywhere, without even you knowing, you’ll be packing your bags. Write only those things which you can do, don’t go over board here too.
GTO: By the day your GTO starts, you people get to know each other. Talk to each other. See, I was the only repeater in my batch. I asked everyone to sit down and pointed out 2-3 things. First, when someone is speaking, everyone else would be quite. Let him complete. Second, who so ever is speaking, he won’t make a speech there. 30 secs to 1 min, that’s it. Third, if you have spoken once, speak after 3 other people have spoken. They all agreed, and then we did a GD in the room only. It went flawlessly. Even if 2 people started speaking together, one of them would get quite himself. Same for GPE. It went great too. We basically took the ideas of everyone, and we did it in a very good way.
See, if you are the head of the family, and your family is planning something, and they keep on shouting, would you like it? No na? Same is the case with the GTO. He hates people who keep bickering, talk politely. It helps.
For PGT, we had planned that a person who has given his idea would move back and let others give their ideas. So you see, what GTO observed was that you have brains because you applied it. At the same time you aren’t dominant, you allow other people to come up. If you do these good, it’ll make a very good impression on the GTO, and fairing out average in other tasks would also do.
In CT try to do well. Make sure your subordinate’s do not speak unless you ask them to. Be cool, use your brain.
Interview: Download a copy of PIQ form, available at Google. Fill it up neatly. And then form questions, any question that he can ask. Keep yourself at his place, and then form questions.

E.g. I’m living in agra at present. So if he asks me to tell something about agra, I’ll tell that there are 3 things agra is famous for. Taj mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra fort. Then obviously he’ll ask me about these things, I’ll tell him what I want him to know. So that the next question he poses would be what I’ve thought of. See, either he takes your interview or you give your interview. The difference between them? When you give an interview, you are taking him the way you want him to. Him taking an interview, you are going the way he wants you to go. That would be a lilttle tough I guess.
Prepare questions, and then counter questions on them. I practiced a lot, wrote many questions, modified my answers so that the counter questions that were being formed wouldn’t be there.
At some point of time in your life, you have to get serious. Leave other things behind, so that what you aspire to be, you’ll become.
Practice hard people, and don’t forget the rapid fire questions. Take help from arihants book, at least I took help from there only.
I think I’ve given enough ‘gyaan’. 😛

Everything else is up to you people, it’s you who’s being tested, not me. I tried to put down everything here, and yeah, my planning did work. 5/8 recommendations were there from my group, and 1 each from other two. So you see, if your group follows the things my group did, you can be there. I’m using can because one can never say why he got selected or why he got rejected. Hope it would help you people.
Dikshant. 🙂

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