I Got Recommended In My 10th Attempt For TGC 121 Army

I Got Recommended In My 10th Attempt For TGC 121 Army. Hello, all ssb aspirants! My name is Rahul Singh. It was since childhood I had an attachment towards defence forces as my father was a chief petty officer in INDIAN NAVY. It all started with the 02/2011 afcat when I was in final year of my b.tech, I got conference out in my first attempt from 4 AFSB Varanasi in Jan2012, frankly speaking, I was very sad, didn’t speak to my parents for 2 long days, I was not ready to accept this failure, well then started the journey of 2.5 long years of struggle, hardship and patience, I appeared again for afcat but ws not able to clear the written, then applied for SSC tech entry of army, not shortlisted in that too, meanwhile I was placed in Wipro and I joined it in Pune. From this point I starting applying in all the entries of three services, got conf. out in tgc117 from 21ssb Bhopal, then cleared CDS, got conference out in that too from 17ssb Bangalore in dec 2013, this started the chain of getting conf. out and it really scared me as I thought that getting conf. out again n again denotes that I am seriously lacking something, for a second I started doubting myself, am I really worth for it? With the help of SSBCRACK and other pages on FB, I analysed the process of ssb, read various experiences of recommended candidates on SSBCrack, It really helped me a lot. There was a time when I thought of QUITTING, but I was so much attracted to this elite organisation that I can’t let it go this way, so I continued my journey, my parents supported in each failure of mine, they always kept boosting my confidence. Then came my 9th attempt for navy, I was sure this time of getting through and, as a result, my conference went long as I was a borderline, but again bad luck, got conference out but it gave me a sense of motivation that I am somewhat closer than yesterday. Then comes my final attempt, it was my 10th attempt and again was called at Bhopal for TGC121. I didn’t prepare anything as I don’t think it was needed (10th attempt :D). I just went with the flow of SSB, performed equally well in all the three techniques, but even after the conference, I was not at all sure that the officer will be announcing my chest no. , but when he announced chest no. 39, I was numb, I was not able to react, the officer again n again asked my name n roll no. and I simply continued staring him for no reason, then after a minute I replied him, I can’t even express the feelings, the only thing I want to say is that friends never ever give up on ur dreams, if u are sincerely making ur efforts, GOD is watching, and you will definitely get that! After that, I cleared medicals too and now I got the merit in for TGC 121, will be joining the academy on 7th July 2015.I Got Recommended In My 10th Attempt For TGC 121 Army


1. AFCAT 2011 – conference out 4AFSB Varanasi

2. TGC 117 – Conf. out 21ssb Bhopal

3. TGC 118 – screened out 34ssb

4. CDS 2013 OTA – conf. out 17ssb Bangalore

5. TGC119- conf. out 21ssb

6. SSC GS X NAVY – screened out 12ssb Bangalore

7. TGC 120 – conf. out 20ssb Bhopal

8. SSC TECH 44 – conf. out 22ssb Bhopal

9.SSC GS X NAVY – conf. out 12ssb Bangalore


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  1. Raja

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    U made us proud buddy…cheers!!!

  2. Vikrant Solanki

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    haha…i knw these guys..i got recommended the week before frm thr

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