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PsychologySelf DescriptionSSB Study Material With Solution Set 1

SSB Study Material With Solution Set 1

SSB Study Material With Solution Set 1. A thought of starting a new series where we will provide SSB Study Material. In this solution set, we will consider majorly the psychology round which consists of four rounds. Along with the sample solutions, we will provide tips to perform well in SSB psychology as a lot of aspirants have dropped me a mail regarding the same. Psychology has a well-defined parameter and expectations from the aspirants. Psychology is an area where there is no fixed answer for anything. Everything is judged as per personality attempting the question set. So never try to copy the similar responses as that can actually backfire. The actual process of psychology preparation consists of doing self-introspection first which consists of  studying the life events with respect to OLQ’s and tracing based on this the strength and weakness. When one is completely aware of their personality, they are ready to reflect the same in psychology or whatever they do at SSB. This exercise is really very crucial and needs a lot of effort, time and expertise to know the complete self. Here only individual guidance becomes handy. So let’s begin the SSB Study Material. The Psychology has the following four rounds:

Round 1: TAT-

It consists of 11+1 pictures where the last one is blank and the aspirants are expected to write the stories based on the picture shown. Time given is four-minute to write each story.

Tips to excel:

  • Never try to copy a story from some other source. Always try to reflect your personality rather than life events.
  • It’s a well-known myth where people try to link it to their life by copying events and they are rejected.
  • Always give the age of characters, and write what led to the story, what happened in the action part and a proper ending to the story.
  • A psychologist is interested in extracting out the qualities rather than anything else, so don’t think it to be an English exam as the use of flashy words can’t save you if the story is psychologically wrong.ssb study material free download

Let’s see some sample pictures and their sample stories. Please remember that I have produced these stories keeping different personalities in mind. They are mere samples and might match with your personality or not. My mentees have also helped me in producing these samples. Other tips and ways to attempt will be covered in next series also.

Sample set:

Story1:TAT picture 1

Ankur was 24 years old and worked in an MNC; he used to live in a flat with his friends Abhi and Shardul. The three were college mates and had got the job in this company through college placement. Abhi had a girlfriend Neha who was also part of the boys group. They all hung out and had fun. One day when Ankur came back from work early he gets a call from Abhi saying that he needed him as it was serious. Ankur rushes to him and sees that Abhi and Neha were having a huge fight. Ankur immediately jumps in and stops them. He calms them down and hears each side’s opinion. He tells them not to fight as fights only weaken the relations, he reminds them of the good times they all have spent together, the jokes and the laughter, his talk makes them realize their mistake and they patch up. They both later thank Ankur for his help.

Story2:TAT picture 2

Rakesh was 31 years old and was a police constable. He lived in the city along with his parents and wife and was a father of a 3-year-old. As the city was having a fair he used to be present in the fair at evening. One day when he was doing his duty he saw a man was running around here and there and was looking for something. Seeing him worried Rakesh goes to him and asks him the matter and learns that the person came with his boy who he had lost in the fair and was not able to find him. Rakesh calmed him down, gave him water and helped him. He through the police loudspeaker made an announcement to the people to help the boy meet his father, within minutes a person came forward with the boy, the boy on seeing his father ran to him, his father hugged him tightly, he thanked Rakesh, and Rakesh was pleased to help but told him to be careful.

Story3:TAT picture 3

Shashank was 19 years old and was in his second year of  BTech, He was a hosteller and was in the college NCC Camp. He had volunteered to captain the first-year students. The camp was far from the college location and students were carried out there through the college buses. It was an open site where tents were made so as to keep the students there, the kitchen was a stove and a gas cylinder. Shashank was given the responsibility to monitor the students perform the morning drill exercise. On the next day they arrived, the students were doing their exercise while Shashank monitored them, as the water camper went out, he came with his friends to fill it from the camp site, when he arrived there he smelt gas leaking from the cylinder, as the tents were nearby and could catch fire, he immediately took the cylinder at a distance from the tent, and asked his other friend to inform the authorities, he and the one friend who remained find out the gas tube hole which caused the leak, he told the authorities about it and got it replaced.

Story4:TAT picture 4

Tarun was 19 years old and was in his B.Tech second year. He used to live in the hostel along with his friends. Tarun was finding the education a bit difficult as he could not get past a certain barrier; he made a lot of efforts but was not able to score to0 high. In spite of failures, Tarun did not give up on himself and did all he could to improve. He analyzed where he was lacking, he saw how his friends who were better than him studied and modified his study routine accordingly, he made notes and contacted his teachers and friends whenever he didn’t understand anything, his daily efforts bore fruit and he started to improve. Tarun didn’t stop here and kept the efforts going, his change of study routine and notes making made him remember a lot of things in short span and with his years of effort he completed his degree with good grades.

Story5:TAT picture 5

Ram lived in a village. He was a young boy who went to the city for higher studies. During summer vacation, he received a letter from his father that the vacation is started in the village too. So he thought to go to there and help the children of his village with their studies. He organised morning shift for middle classes and evening classes for youths. He also taught about environment and sanitation. He also contacted school principal of village for getting school building for classes. He advised them to join hobby classes and organised such classes for students like painting etc. All the villagers were happy to see his attempt and they were motivated and excited to send their wards to school regularly.

Round 2: WAT –

It consists of a series of 60 words flashed with a difference of 15 seconds. This simple means that an aspirant gets only 15 seconds to see the word and attempt it along with writing a meaningful sentence based out on that word.

Tips to excel:

  • Always try to attempt all the words.
  • It’s not necessary to use the word in the sentence but only with a condition that the meaning should be implicitly clear in the sentence else the word needs to be used.
  • Write meaningful sentences which reveal your qualities. Don’t misinterpret this statement and write qualities directly in sentences. That’s the psychologist work to extract qualities out.
  • Also avoid using adjectives in statements.
  • Since the time available is really very less try to write short, simple and sweet sentences revealing your personality as that can help in long run.

Let’s see how to make sentences based out of words. The sample words given here are indicative only. Don’t try to copy but build your own sentences from the process explained. Remember that the sentences based on words are not fixed and can vary from one individual to the other.

Sample set

  • Past – forgetting past and moving ahead is required for success.
  • Climb – by hard work one can climb to heights.
  • Guide – teachers guide students.
  • Confusion – knowledge prevents confusion.
  • Merit – being meritious student is matter of honour.
  • Aggressive – energy of aggressiveness can be converted into creativity through meditation.
  • Think – positive thoughts keep the mood positive.
  • Watch – watching movie is matter of joy and fun.
  • Confuse – little knowledge leads to confusion.
  • Peace – everyone loves peace.

Round 3: SRT-

It consists of 60 SRT that are being provided to the aspirant in a booklet and the time available is 30 minutes so there is not much time in hand and it is expected to write what an aspirant will do in a particular situation as presented in the sheet. The following tips can help in attempting the situation.

Tips to excel:

  • Write short and to the point responses for the given situation.
  • Never try to act like a superhero be and officer only.
  • Always put yourself in place of hero and write the response.
  • Don’t write socially acceptable responses as you might be caught at this point by the psychologist as they are expert in doing that.
  • Your image of qualities extracted by the psychologist should match with all the three assessors and the original you then only recommendation is possible.
  • Immediate action is desirable rather than futuristic stories.

Let’s now see the type of situations that will be given to you and the action that you can write. Remember here also that there are no fixed responses and can change with the change in personality but that should match with your image and the original you. Rest of the tips will be covered in the upcoming series.

Sample set:

  1. You are playing in your friend’s house, when he gets stuck with a naked electric wire. You would – switch off the mains, take him to hospital.
  2. You are living in a college hostel. The dal served to you in the mess has a lot of stones. What would you do – complained to manager.
  3. In order to help poor he has keen desire. To have good collection of money, what he should do. – open NGO and conduct shows for charity.
  4. You are travelling by bus engine catches fire. You. – evacuated the bus and put off the fire. 
  5. In order to produce better results in his organization what measures he should take. – Effective and stress free learning.
  6. He was going for the SSB and on the way he saw a person seriously injured and nobody was there to help him .He. – helped him, took to hospital, and informed in his home.
  7. He was playing out door and his brother got seriously injured and it started to rain heavily. He. – took him to hospital by car.
  8. You are serving under two senior officers who always give conflicting orders. –  brought it to notice of senior most officer.
  9. Your bathroom tap is leaking and is a constant source of irritating noise. You would – repair it on my own.
  10. You heard rumours that enemy is likely to attack the country. As a serving soldier what u do. – will be ready to neutralize the attack.

Round 4: SD-

This is known as self-description round where one is expected to appraise him or her based on certain situations. You will be expected to write what you think about yourself, what your parents, teachers, friends, boss etc think about you and what can be your strength and weakness. The time provided for this exercise is 15 minutes and let me clarify that this is the most important exercise of all the four.

Tips to excel:

  • Here you yourself are expected to tell a lot about yourself so be alert in writing things as they must be shown at other places, so knowing oneself is of prime importance before preparing this round.
  • This exercise is an easy one also as the similar nature of things are being asked every time so it can be prepared well beforehand with help of experts. Guidance if taken should be one to one individual preparation where the expert spends lot of time in understanding your personality rather than telling common things in a large group.
  • Don’t try to copy these things from others as you as an individual are very much different from others so how can feeling of parents, teacher, boss etc, be same for you.
  • Enjoy knowing your personality, the real you through this process as SSB are known for that and while preparing do spend a lot of time in knowing rather than practicing and copying from different resources.

The sample for this exercise is just an snapshot of how things need to be written. It’s neither to be reproduced in similar fashion by anyone not to be used as it is. Just try to gauge the way and use it to your benefit. In this set I am only showing sample of how to write what my parents think about you. Other things will be covered in other set of this series.

Sample set: 

“My parents feel that I am obedient. They say that I’m sincere towards my studies. They also say that I’m determined about my aim and they point out that I do not focus much on the work which I am not fond of. They feel that I have my own principles on which I always stand. They suggest me not to focus only on one aim but to focus on all the opportunities available to me.”

Hope these samples will help the aspirants in real time and would provide them a way to attempt psychology which actually can be a step stone for your selection towards your dream job. Still If you have any confusion or anything is not clear or feel to take individual assessment of personality for olq’s or prepare from your place itself through one to one interaction through my mentoring / counselling program drop me a mail at [email protected] or add me on Fb and drop in a personal message. It would be a pleasure to help and resolve queries and clear doubts of future officers. Achieving goal is rather easy if a right guidance is available as it helps in guided preparation and one can easily achieve what they want. Every one of us have the OLQ’s but people go wrong in a initial step only to understand oneself and reveal that properly. Since one do not spend time in this they get trapped by the wrong teachings given at various places and in larger chunk of people their personality is lost. Work and act rightly. The journey is easy and swift for your goal. Keep reading for more such sets and soultions.

Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.

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