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GTOLecturetteLecturette: Merits and Demerits of TV

Lecturette: Merits and Demerits of TV

As the technology has replaced the labor and machines have reduced human efforts, human is feeling comfortable with the inventions. But some of its inventions have been failed to perform the task for which they were made. Television is one. These days TV is a basic thing normally available in every area. But the stats shows that the use of TV is not been done in a fruitful manner. As every issue has merits and demerits, TV too got some of it.

Positive Effects

  • Educative Value: Many programs and channels are there on TV that telecast educative matter and is really very helpful for improving the knowledge of a student.
  • National and International News: AajTak, ABP news, DD news and many other Hindi news channels are there, which shows latest national and international happenings 24×7. English news channels like BBC, CNN broadcast international news and side by side improves the vocabulary of a student.
  • Teaches Manners and Etiquettes: Some shows telecasted on TV leaves a good impact on the mind of children’s, which shows and teaches the culture and etiquettes to them. It widens the thinking area and introduces the children with new perception power and manners to inculcate in their behavior.
  • Introduction to New Inventions and Global Knowledge: Some knowledge-based channels like Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, etc. always telecast rare knowledge which is collected from the corners and is not easily accessible by a common man. This knowledge not only entertain them but also teaches them some basic science and facts.Lecturette-Merits-and-Demits-of-TV

Negative Effects

  • Physical and Emotional Misbalance: TV gives no educational benefit for children below the age of 2 years. But severely affects their mental health and in some cases it even reduces the commemorating ability in students. According to a study, the reading skill of the students is very much influenced by the habit of watching TV.
  • Wastage of Time: The most adverse effect of watching television is wasting time in watching unnecessary shows and movies. The outcome of this situation is the imbalance in studies and academic section. That time can be utilized in the development of important skills like language, creativity and social skills for overall development of a child.
  • Violence and Unwanted Material: Movies, WWE, Action shows or Cartoon channels makes children learn bad things and sometimes get indulges in violent behavior. Some movies and TV programs also show unwanted things that impart a bad impact on developing children.
  • Neglect Studies: The interest of students in studies sometimes create such an impression on children’s mind that they neglect their studies. This leads to their academic failure.
  • Health Issues: The habit of watching TV continuously reduces the eyesight of the children and in some cases seeds some mental instability or disease. The reduction in productive usage of time reduces the athletic ability and gives birth to several health problems. According to the American Medical Association, Kids having worst TV watching habit are usually overweight.

TV was invented for entertainment but is currently used in a wrong manner. But the proper guidance of parents and teachers can make children avoid its excessive use. Machines are made for improving comfort level, but its correct use depends on the users.

Ravinder Tanwar
Ravinder Tanwarhttps://ssbcrack.com/
A resident of Jaipur. I am a KVian who is passionate to join Indian Defense Force. I started giving SSB from NDA. After completing my B.Tech in 2012, currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Jaipur in a private company, but the passion is still alive in my soul.

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