1 in 1320 Candidate Gets Selected for National Defence Academy

Are you are preparing for NDA exam and willing to join the famous National Defence Academy, Pune? Here are some facts related to National Defence Academy and candidates applying for NDA exam every year.

NDA Exam Facts

Candidates appearing for NDA exam : 4,00,000 (Approx)

Candidates who clear NDA Exam:  6000 (Approx)  1 in 66

Candidates who qualify in SSB Interview: 600 (Approx) 1 in 660

Candidates who make it in the final merit list to join National Defence Academy: 300 (Approx)

So, in short out of 1320 candidates only 1 candidate gets selected to join the National defence academy and out of 4,00,000 candidates only 300 makes it in the final merit list.

Are you the chosen one, are you one of the elite team 300 member? Do you have it in you?

NDA Exam Facts

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