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Army, Navy or Air Force What To Choose?

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Hello aspirants, we do receive queries about the Armed Force choice they should make. They ask us whether to join Army, Navy or Air Force. Guys there is one more Armed Force you can join, i.e. the Indian Coast Guard. So if you have to make a choice which one you should choose, out of the four. Of course, they are all good equally good, and they do earn the same kind of honor, dignity, and respect in the society. So it all comes down to your basic gut and your interest. Let us see what choice you should make if getting a chance to choose between these four:


Army, Navy or Air Force What To Choose?

  1. As of now try getting anywhere: If you haven’t made it anywhere, first try getting in. Dreaming of getting in one particular force, is good, yet if you are getting to try for some force, and you are inclined towards some other, still you should try. Never let an opportunity go out of your hand, never waste an SSB. You haven’t worked in any force, so you really don’t know which one you might like.
  2. Look back: Just have a little look back as to which force you always wanted to get into. If the dream of wearing a uniform has inspired you , most likely you must have been fond of a particular Force. Some people dream of being a pilot, yet some others dream of going in the sea while some want to fiddle with the gun. No matter what inspired you, if you have had that dream, you know your answer.army air force navy
  3. You can switch academies: If you have made through more than one force, congratulations first of all. Now you really have the right to make a choice. Many candidates get a merit in for ‘x’ force, and they still are waiting for ‘y’ force’s merit list. What they don’t know is that if they are more apt on joining the ‘y’ force, they shouldn’t miss the opportunity of going for ‘x’ force. There may be a case when your name doesn’t appear in the ‘y’ merit list. So you’ll end up missing both opportunities. However if you join ‘x’ training and still make it in ‘y’, you can switch the academy to ‘y’ when required. I have seen a few cases so this is not a myth.
  4. Which force is the best: There is no best force, there are best people in the force. It is you who’ll make it better. We can’t criticize any force, because there is nothing to criticize. Every force is equally good Army requires more of physical fitness and toughness, because if you are posted on field you definitely need a level of fitness to survive. For Air Force (flying) you need more concentration and a will to accept demotion from flying if you don’t have the level of fitness. For navy and coast guard you need mental toughness to survive through the sea. One thing is for sure, you need the will to survive in all of these services. Because the going gets tough in there.

Concluding I would like to say that it’s your choice at the end of the day, you, only you know yourself well. All the best

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  1. Is it for sure that switching academies is possible, i might have a situation of switching from OTA to AFA, so would that be possible????

  2. Is it for sure that switching academies is possible, i might have a situation of switching from OTA to AFA, so would that be possible????


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