Wherever You See A Soldier Don’t Forget To Thank And Salute Him

Countrymen this is a request to spare few minutes and read this article, think upon it and share if you want. To begin with I would like to say that long gone are the days when Country used to come first for us Indian’s.

Indian Armed forces have 1,325,450 soldiers on which there is a responsibility to protect 1,236,344,631 population of INDIA and to guard 3,166,144 sq kilometers area.

Rather than this in flood, earthquake, cyclone in all such tough situation they are asked to provide help.

They also do work like carrying INDIAN people who are in trouble in different countries due to home war etc.

They also help neighborhood countries in their tough times.

All above-mentioned things INDIAN ARMED FORCES do proudly with courage and dedication.

If we divide the total population of our country by total no soldiers you would be shocked to read that on each and every soldier there is a responsibility to protect 1000 people of INDIA.

And if we lose any of our soldiers the life of 1000 of INDIAN people get in danger. But due to our fascinated media we are not been able to get news like what’s happening on borders and how bravely our soldiers are protecting us.Indian Army Soldiers

So my request is that wherever you see a soldier don’t forget to thank him or to salute him because who knows which soldier is protecting you.

Start this movement tell the politicians and those who thinks that INDIAN people are irresponsible that we do respect our soldiers and their lives and courage is very important for us.


Submitted by: Robin Singh

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