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An Experience of SSB Interview – Information Guide


Altogether every youngster has dream to be the part of Indian defence sector whether it’s Army, Air Force or Navy and only those who have spark in their eyes and confidence in attitude qualify the technically proposed tests scheduled by SSB – Staff Selection Board. After qualifying the written exam, one has to go through 5 days board testing divided into three assessments: Psychology; GTO and PI.

 Basic Guidelines

When the CDS written examination results get declared, the qualifiers get the INFORMATION LETTER either on their e-mail in the form of “Call Letter – Common” or it directly sent to the postal address by the board. And if the selected candidate doesn’t receive the letter, he/she can directly find it on the official website http://www.joinindianarmy.nic.in.

 The Information Letter contains all the information to appear for the staff selection test, like:

  • Venue – SSB Center
  • Time of Reporting
  • Belongings to carry along with you
  • Complete procedure of the test
  • Filling Form
  • Documents and Format – Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card and Mark-Sheets etc.
  • Other Instruction Manual

The traveling allowances to reach to the center provided by the board but don’t forget to keep the hard copies of your original ticket with you.

Experience @SSB Center

After reaching to the staff selection test center, you will find the interviewees in wholesale from different locations and cultures waiting for the bus to get picked-up and you might have to wait for some time to board the bus. Listen to everyone but carry on with your own attitude, try to be familiar with the one you face and don’t neglect as after the screening, they will give you company in different GTO tasks to flourish because a good team-player can only qualifies GTO test. When you will reach the center, you will be allotted a room to refresh and in sometime, you get the call to join a giant hall for documents collection and basic instructions. At the time of leaving the room for the gathering hall, make sure you carry all your documents, photographs and pen as you will get TA form if you are appearing for the first time and an identification form for everyone. After the completion of these formalities, you will get three numbers known as chest number will be your identity in the whole test span. You now get refreshment but before picking up the items to eat, keep in mind that this is paid breakfast as the vendor there will note down the items you picked up and open a KHATA on your chest number which you will have to pay at the time of leaving the hall.

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In the SSB test, one has to beat his competitors and sustain for all the five days of test to get finalized for the training details of which are given below:

1st Day: 3 Tests

  • OIR – Officer Intelligence Rating Test
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests
    • Multiple Choice 50 Questions
    • Time – 15 Minutes
    • Questions Type – 10th Standard
    • No Negative Marking
  • Picture Perception & Discussion Test
    • You will get a blank sheet and have to write a story on a blurred picture shown
  • GD – Group Discussion
    • 30 seconds to speak on the given topic and you will get the chance to speak more on 3rd day of SSB test.

 2nd Day: 4 Tests

  • TAT – Thematic Appreciation Test
    • Same like PPDT test, you will now have to write story on 11 pictures shown to you
    • Languages – You can opt Either Hindi or English
  • WAT – Word Association Test
    • In this test, you will have to make logical sentences within the timeframe from 60 words will be given to you
  • SRT – Situation reaction Test
    • In this psychological test, you have to use your past life experience to answer 60 question will be given to you on different situations
    • The real you should reflect in your answers
  • SDT – Self Description Test
    • Describe your real attitude towards life and your thinking for surrounding and your social life – should be positive.ssb interview guide

3rd & 4th Day: 9 Tests

  • GD – Group Discussion
    • 2 Rounds
    • In the 1st round, you will get 15 minutes to speak on the topic given by the selector
    • While in 2nd round, you will have to debate with other group members on the topics given
  • GPE – Group Planning Exercise/ MPE – Military Planning Exercise
    • Wooden Map drawn with Jungle, River, Village and Humans
    • Different situations and Problems will be given to you and you have to write a story within 15 mins
    • Explain Group Plan to the interviewer
  • PGT – Progressive Group Task
    • They will give you 4 obstacles and helping material
    • Solve problem being in a team
    • Try to lead the team and appraise others for their suggestions, if remarkable
  • Snake Race
    • 6 Physical Obstacles like Walking over net, climb wall and crawl down the fences etc.
  • Lecturette
    • You need to pick one topic out of 4 given to you and have to give lecture on it for 3 minutes
    • They will check your tone, gesture, facial expressions and also you need to pretend to be a good listener while others speak.
  • HGT – Half Group Task
    • Whole team will be divided into 2 parts
    • In 15 minutes of time your team will have to solve the problem given and individually the contributions get counted
  • Individual Obstacles
    • You will get 10 obstacles each of different marks
    • You will get 3 minutes of time, prefer to attempt obstacle give you more marks
    • Avoid wastage of time if you stuck in any
  • Command Task
    • You will have to call any 2 candidates from your team who will play your subordinates and they will follow your orders but they couldn’t give you suggestions and even they will not talk
    • You will have to play the role of a commander and your subordinates should follow your orders but avoid abusing them
  • FGT – Final Group Task
    • Like the above tests, in 10 mins span this will also be carried on but with the complete group
    • After completing the task you will be called individually to ask SSB related your queries
    • The candidates qualified will be called for the personal interview.

 5th Day: Interview

  • Go through your resume in details
  • Keep PIQ Form and Self-Description Test in Mind
  • They will test your General Knowledge
  • Your Hobbies will be asked
  • Questions related to Family, Academics, Friends and Extra-Curricular activities will be asked
  • Your achievements in Life
  • Carry Blank Sheet and Pen in pocket
  • Be in formal attire and properly dressed like a gentleman
  • Avoid Mobile, Wallet, Gold Chain, Wrist Watch and Bands

Before appearing for the interview use toilet and take enough water and you very well know that if you are at that place shows you are deserving to be an officer and you have every quality of being an officer. So there is no scope of rejection as you only speak truth in front of interviewer.

by: Deepak Singh 

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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