8 Things Common To Every Defence Aspirant

Hello, Warriors! Ask any defence brat, being in the armed forces is the most realistic and proud thing that one can be in- the respect you get from the society, the pride when your dad/you go out in uniform and the celebrity like feeling when everyone stares at you in that uniform.

The feelings can truly not be described. Especially, when you, yourself want to become one of it- one in the armed forces. There is so much common in every defence aspirant in every corner of the country, like:

  1. The will to join the armed forces: Yes, just think about it. What reply would you give to someone when they ask you what you are going to do in later life? You can proudly say with a broad chest that you will join the armed forces. Nothing can beat that subconscious and proud happiness within you.
  1. The respect for the nation and national flag: It’s not that everyone doesn’t respect the national flag, but there is something within the defence aspirants that makes us respect it naturally. Like, standing up when the national anthem is played during a cricket match between India other nation or like watching the Republic Day parade religiously every year.
  1. Willpower: There is always a force within us that keeps on saying, “buddy, don’t stop till you make it. It’s not the time. A little hard work now and it will be a bright future ahead!” And you get back on track preparing to join the forces.
  1. Enthusiasm: This, my friends, is the identity of the defence aspirants. Where ever you go, whatever you do, your enthusiasm never goes down. You always find a way to extract happiness from the tiniest moments around.8 Things Common To Every Defence Aspirant
  1. The closeness you feel when you come through someone belonging to the defence background too: You feel like you know them and have already met them a long ago. There’s no formality between you too, not even a formal introduction. Because you know that it’s going to last forever.
  1. The goose bumps when you see a war movie or the big battle guns: That is not new to you. You have always seen them spread in and around the cantonment where you live in and your dads probably have seen war(s). But, still, it gives you goose bumps when you see it working live because you’ve always wanted to see it that way.
  1. The pride you feel when you say someone that you are from defence background and get “That’s fking cool” as a reply: And, and, if you are one from an Army Public School, I bet you have been asked at least once that whether you get training in there or not. Yes people, we understand. But be educated that it’s just a school run by the Army and is not a military training academy! 

And finally,

  1. Visiting SSBCrack regularly: I do hope that I’ve hit the pointer right this time. Where else can the 10 lac (and increasing, mind you) aspirants get such motivation and inspiration from?

Do you have something that you feel is common between all the defence aspirants apart from these? Do share with us and let us know.

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