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Siachen – Highest And Toughest Battlefield

Recently, Lance Naik Hanumanthappa has raised the Siachen topic in entire media and also in the form of questions and discussion. Aspirants need to be completely aware of this part of India, which is guarded by Indian armed forces. The importance, operation for occupying it and some major problems faced by the soldiers in that area are discussed below. Candidates are advised to go through it to clear some basics of it and stay ready for related questions in SSB personal interviews and GD.

Firstly, the incident that recently took place in Siachen needs to be clarified. The avalanche buried 10 soldiers out of which, 1 was a JCO and 9 other were ORs (other ranks). The soldiers belong to Madras Regiment and the incident took place near The Line of Control at an altitude of 19,600 feet where the temperature usually remains about -45 degree Celsius. The operation is currently going on and the rescue is in full swing. The Army has to cut off about 40-feet deep snow layer to track the bodies. Lance Naik HanumanThapa has been recovered alive and is currently going through the medical treatment in New Delhi.

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Importance of Siachen in India

Siachen plays an important role in Indian geography. It is the location present in the Karakoram Range. Geographically, it is the starting point of Nubra River. It is a triangular part that touches Pakistan occupied Kashmir from left and china in right side. It is also named as the highest battlefield in the world. India is promoting mountaineering expedition for civilians as well as foreigners in order to maintain claim over the territory.

Operation Meghdoot

This operation is closely related to the Siachen which aims at occupying and capturing Siachen glacier. The operation was conducted by Indian armed forces in 1984. It was the assault launched in the highest battlefield in the world to secure it from Pakistan. The actual matter stared when Pakistan permitted mountaineering expeditions in this area in 1970s to claim the area. Indian army took action in 1978 soon as it got a clear image of the motives of Pakistan. Kumaon Regiment of the Indian army, along with Indian Air Force, reached the glacier in 1984, accelerating operation Meghdoot. Indian armed forces occupied most of the posts in a week, marking the milestone in the history.

Problems faced by soldiers in Siachen

Frostbite; when the skin touches any metal on that high altitude, it sticks to the metal. It is trouble making thing that is usually faced by the soldier deployed at that altitude. The steep heights and non-vehicular terrains are also faced by the soldiers. Even the toothpaste gets freezes in the tube. As per the sources, arid conditions in that high altitude claim more lives than security activities. Some other health related problems faced by soldiers during acute weather conditions are pneumonia, kidney and heart failure, lungs and pancreases may not function properly. Hypothermia is the major cause of death during snow trapping. Soldiers deployed in that areas spends most of their time in training themselves for that terrain. Except this, avalanche and snow storms are casually reported in the area.


Indian armed forces play crucial role in securing not only the borders, but also the dignity of the nation. It never matters, what kind of terrain is to be guarded. Motivation and sense of nationality drives every soldier to secure motherland, irrespective of the cost of their lives.


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