Recommended For National Defence Academy In 2nd Attempt

Well before starting my experience at SSB Bangalore , I would like to inform you that I was a repeater and had got conferenced out the last time I attended ssb at AFSB Dehradun. So this time I had that most feared tag of being a repeater on my forehead.

So I started my journey from New Delhi railway station on 5th and reached Bangalore station on 8th. A bus came to take us and we were provided accommodation for the day. Next day
D+1 : we had our screening tests comprising of OIR and PPDT . Here I would suggest you to score as high as possible in the OIR since it counts in screening as well in the further process. Coming to PPDT, a hazy picture is shown and you have to write a story slight suggestion here : be very very logical and human with your character don’t make him a superhero . Effective narration and valuable points in discussion will get you screened in. In my batch 21 out of 48 got screened in.
D+2 : This is the psychology day so just be calm while you go out for these tests . They are just a simple test of what you feel just write natural stories , don’t try to be someone whom you aren’t .
Then in the lot is WAT . Try to be as possible , brief and positive in this test – these three things worked for me .
For SRT I believe quality matters more than quantity. Being natural honest and with the use of effective an intelligence, anybody can tackle them easily.
*Mind it I could do only 34 SRTs
Then is the last in the lot Self description test. This is where you express yourself and portray a positive image through parents,teachers,friends etc opinions . The fact is that don’t brag about your qualities be simplistic and outline your key weaknesses as well.

D+3 : GTO1 : Gd was good , I gave 3-4 logical points in both the gd’s and also had that flexibility of mind to accept others point of view which helped me .
Then was GPE we easily came to a conclusion . Prioritizing is important . Next up are PGT and HGT , giving ideas and their proper implementation helps here . Then was group obstacle race followed by lecturette. Both of them went very well for me . Despite sore throat, I shouted war cry during GOR which motivated my team . *be logical talk sense and use English and knowledge in synchronous way to yield to maximum results in lecturette as well as maintain eye contact .
D+4 : Most important day for me as I had my personal interview as well as GTO2 including command task , individual obstacle race and final group task.
It all started with individual obstacle race which was good though I attempted obstacle no. 2 wrongly . Then was command task : I tell you folks it’s the most important determinant factor in your selection give it your best shot. Be a gentle commander , don’t order your subordinates work with them and complete the given task. Note: be justified with whom you choose as your subordinates and rest will all follow . My command task went fine and then was time for FGT which our group completed in a minute or so.

NDA SSB Recommended Candidates
Immediately after these tasks I had my personal interview with commandant of selection center , he is a major general so I was quite intimidated but somehow I calmed myself , went into his office gently and the way he interviewed me was phenomenal . There were questions from PIQ , some rapid fires on family , education, friends etc . Also were questions from General science (physics chemistry etc ) . He asked me about saarc, asean , Sco , South China Sea ,Kashmir insurgency and many more which I replied in detail. The experience was amazing and I had a great time being interviewed by him.
Now the last and most dreaded day of conference came : interestingly for me and Vaibhav , chest no. 18 conference went for a longer period. There was a discussion of around 20 minutes before calling me in and then various questions including SRTs were asked for next 15 minutes .
Came the time of results when Mam started announcing chest nos. She came up to 18 and said an “and” . My heart stopped for a moment and then she said 19 . I was blank at the moment and I filled up with mixed feelings of joy , surprise , of dream coming true and what not. I in my jubilation called out my name aloud and that was it. For next 8 days we had our Medicals and I have been declared medically fit and am just waiting for merit list .
Imp. : this is a personal advice instead of wasting time after your tasks get over sit down in front of Internet and read about things say editorials and things that will provide you knowledge . This habit helped me and may surely help you.
Regards: Shantanu Singhal

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