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Personal InterviewQuestions7 Mostly Asked Comprehensive Questions In SSB Interview

7 Mostly Asked Comprehensive Questions In SSB Interview

These questions need prior preparation and deep analysis of the efforts that you have done for SSB.

SSB is the combination of three testing techniques, which accesses your mind, words, and actions are matched. The easiest of them is the personal interview.

But still, it seems to be perceived as a tough part due to the lack of proper handling by the candidates.

The personal interview is candidate oriented and it is always advised to present a comprehensive answer to the questions of the IO. Some of the obviously asked questions that need time to explain are given below.

  1. Tell Me Something About Yourself – It is mostly asked at the beginning of the question and needs tough mental activity in order to reply to the basics of yourself. It must cover the overview of your personality and has to be in comprehensive form rather than point form. Get brief of this question on How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”
  2. What Have You Done Here Till Your Arrival – Your observation is all that matters in handling this question. Right from your reporting to the time before your interview, you have to give an overview of the things that happened to you like documentation, opening speech, etc.
  3. Tell me you’re Daily Routine – Candidates can prepare this question. It is always said that it is better to perform and handle the situation, rather than imagine and making a fake experience. So make a routine, follow it and you will find it easy to describe it in the form of the IO.
  4. Rapid Fire – Rapid fire is a set of questions asked in the continuity to check the grasping power of the candidate and the respective ability of the candidate to respond to those questions. The only way to handle this question is to practice for it and try to improve your memory to remember the sequence of 6-7 questions and answer them. Some commonly asked questions in rapid-fire are SSB Interview Rapid Fire Questions
  5. Tell Me About Your Sports Activities And The Sport You Usually Play – This question needs deep knowledge of the sport that you usually play. You have to start from your participation and achievement and move to the basic knowledge of it. To face this question, candidates must prepare for this by rehearsing their participation and achievements and staying aware of the basics of you the sport.
  6. What Are The Preparations That You Have Done For This SSB? – This question needs prior preparation and deep analysis of the efforts that you have done for SSB. The major part of this question revolves around your introspection and your steps to overcome them. Improving your communication skills, enhancing your writing skills, etc. can be mentioned here as per the candidate’s personality. Candidates should stay ready to face the counter questions.
  7. Tell Me About Your Relation With Your Parents And Siblings – This question is for revealing your emotional and behavioral connections with your parents and siblings. You should mention your productive and quality time with your family and what you usually do for them and what is your contribution and responsibilities to them.
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Conclusion – The personal interview revolves around the candidate and it needs deep knowledge of yourself to give a perfect answer to the questions put in front of you. The above questions are very prominently asked the candidates and answering these can bring the basic confidence in yourself to take the interview smoothly to the lustrous end.

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