15 SSB Interview Questions Asked In AFSB Dehradun

AFSB 1, Dehradun is situated in Dehradun, the city known for IMA (Indian Military Academy). Usually, the candidates of AFCAT, belonging to the northern areas, prefer Dehradun and the place famous for its flora and attractive natural beauty. The AFSB 1 gives a good learning experience. The type of questions asked in the interview is similar to others. But some different questions that were asked in this AFSB are given below.


  1. Which is the best place that you wish to visit in Dehradun?
  2. What were the problems that you have faced, while coming to this SSB?
  3. What do you know about recent political fluctuations in Uttarakhand?
  4. Why did you choose this SSB? (AFCAT candidates)
  5. Have you ever visited IMA, if yes then how was your experience?
  6. Tell me something about the aircraft and arms of Indian Air Force.
  7. Who inspired you to join the air force?
  8. Have you ever attended any army or navy SSB, if yes then what differences have you observed in those SSBs and this AFSB?
  9. Why did you choose air force rather than army or navy?
  10. What will you do, if you get rejected this time?
  11. How will you organize an English calligraphy competition in your school/college?
  12. Which task did you like in GTO?
  13. Where do you plan to go out with friends before the conference?
  14. How do you manage your time for studies, family and other tasks?
  15. What will you do, if you board from your home for AFSB 1 and suddenly get a news of flood in Dehradun?
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Conclusion – The above-mentioned questions were asked to the candidates of NDA, CDS and AFCAT entry. The response to these questions varies for every candidate depending upon personality and mind. But candidates can take a hint from these questions for preparation for their SSB.

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