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Fighter Aircraft at a Glance

Fighter Aircraft are very important in air warfare and supporting role by penetrating deep into the enemy’s territories and striking down their weak and master operating points, fighting and destroying opponent aircraft. Fighter aircraft are made to secure airspace and deterring any air borne threat entering the borders. While Attack aircraft fly at lower altitudes and are mainly tasked to destroy close tanks and arms. Bombers on the other hand are used for bombing tasks and are less maneuverable. Talking about India, in 1971 war between India and Pakistan, Indian air force has shown best warfare performance in destroying the enemy weapons and arms.

The fighter aircraft are further classified on the basis of their specification and are segregated in generations. The latest is the fifth generation jets. Most of the nations are currently using 4th and 4+ generation jets in their Air Force. India’s FGFA (India- Russia project) and AMCA are the upcoming 5th generation jets. Latest 5th generation jets have many elite specifications like Stealth, Advance Avionic Features, Enhanced Airframes etc.

Now, talking about the fighter aircraft of Indian Air force, India currently possesses some of the best aircraft and are securing Indian skies in all possible ways. Some of them need replacement while new entrants are being inducted to raise the muscles of IAF. A gist of them is given below:-

  1. Sukhoi 30-MKI – It is an air superiority aircraft with multi-role capability. Indian currently has 272 Sukhoi 30MKI aircraft and are termed as deadliest aircraft in IAF. The aircraft has a Russian print and are manufactured in India.
  2. HAL Tejas – Tejas, the home-grown aircraft by HAL, is a Multirole Combat Aircraft. The main aim of developing this aircraft is to recover the number required aircraft in India and making India self-reliant.
  3. Dassault Mirage 2000 – It is a multi-role, single engine, 4th generation jet, which has been used by 9 nations. Its origin lies in France from Dassault Aviation (manufacturer of Rafale).
  4. Jaguar – This attack aircraft has a UK print and is under up-gradation. It is expected to be retired in 2030. The aircraft is also used for close air support and nuclear strike role.
  5. Mig-29 – Belonging to Mikoyan family from the USSR, it is a fighter jet and India has about 70 pieces of this aircraft.
  6. Mig-27 – Nick named as Bahadur, it is an attack aircraft. The aircraft will be replaced by India’s Tejas in upcoming years to raise the quality of fighting strategies.
  7. Mig-21 – Another entrant from Mikoyan, it is made to perform the fighter role. It will be replaced by India’s Tejas in future.

Rafale (Upcoming) – It is medium multi-role combat aircraft from France that will be inducted in IAF soon. The deal is at its climax and India will get 36 jets. Read More about Rafale Deal

Conclusion – All AFCAT aspirants, who are expecting their AFSB, especially those who have chance for flying branch, need to stay aware of the gist of fighter jets in India. The above information is an outline of the fighter jets that the candidates must know. Moreover, Rafale deal, and other upcoming arms and weapons in IAF should can also be asked in the personal interview. Stay aware of the field and branch, you are applying for.

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Ravinder Tanwar
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