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PsychologyPsychology Tricks You Can Try During SSB- Part 1

Psychology Tricks You Can Try During SSB- Part 1

Getting recommended in SSB the best thing that can happen to a defence aspirant. Going through all the test and selection procedures and finally being able to clear it gives immense satisfaction to oneself.

However, the assessors of the SSB are humans too, just like us and they look for something in us that would make us stand out in the crowd – and they do it psychologically without you even noticing it. So, here are 6 psychology tricks you can try while on your stay at the SSB and get your chances of getting recommended high:

  1. It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say: No matter how harsh your response to something is going to be account into other people’s feelings and know how to express and explain. Even the deadliest things can be explained with ease if you maintain the phase of the conversation in an excusable way. This could help you in GD, lecturette or even interview.
  1. Notice the eye color when you first meet someone: This is a textbook psychological trick. Every post about psychology tricks contains this. The explanation is really simple. If you try to observe the person’s eye colour you obviously are going to have to look into their eyes for a second or two. People tend to trust people who maintain eye contact. Try this on the interviewer during your Personal Interview.Psychology Tricks to Try During SSB
  1. Mirroring body language and slang words: If you want the interviewer to agree with you or like you while having a conversation, pick a slang word they often use and their body movement while using it (believe me everyone has got one) You mirror that and they will like you more.
  1. Asking the meaning/story of their name: Not everyone likes their name, but everyone gets used to it eventually. So you asking them the meaning of their name or the story behind the name will make them like you more. DO NOT try this on assessors. You can try this on the other candidates who are at stay with you.
  1. Show your dark side: Nobody trusts a person without a dark side. You want to make someone trust you! Reveal a small amount of your dark side. A childhood tragedy or a relationship went wrong anything. If you are really that sane and don’t actually have a dark side make up a story. People will trust you more once you share the dark side that’s been bothering you. Try this at the interviewer at your own risk!
  1. Know where to stop: This is a continuation to the above but can be treated as its own point too. Know where to stop even if you are revealing your dark side or anything else. You never overstay your welcome and that applies to conversations too. Do all your tricks while you are welcome and always keep an eye about where and when to stop.
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