CDS 1 2017 OTA SSB Interview Date

Many candidates who have cleared the written exam of CDS 1 2017 will be facing the SSB interview soon for SSC (NT) 107 and SSCW (NT) 21. Over the period, we have got tons of emails from aspirants who have cleared the CDS 1 2017 written exam for OTA. As we all know, OTA SSB happens after IMA, so it takes some time.

Finally, the wait is over, Indian army official website has confirmed that they have uploaded the SSC 107 NT (men) and SSC 21 NT (women) shortlisted candidates list in the portal. Candidates can go ahead and check their SSB date now.


SSC 107 NT (men)

SSC 107 NT SSB Dates

SSC 21 NT (women)

SSC 21 NT SSB Dates

Candidates of SSC NT- 107 and SSCW (NT) – 21 who have qualified in CDSE (I) 2017 written exam conducted by UPSC are requested to register on . For details see pdf document attached. 

CDS 1 2017 ota ssb

CDS 1 2017 OTA SSB Interview Date [Visit the link below to check your SSB Date]


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