NDA 2 2017 SSB Interview Date [UPDATED]

Many candidates who have cleared the NDA 2 2017 written exam and waiting for their SSB interview call letter for NDA 140th course and Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) 102nd course can check the details on how they should proceed and what will follow after their NDA results. First of all congratulations to the successful candidates for clearing one of the most famous yet toughest written exams in Indian defence. Yes, the level of NDA exam is bigger than CDS, AFCAT and TA. If you haven’t checked your NDA 2 2017 result you can do so clicking the link.


What to do after NDA 2 2017 Result

  1. Feel good and confident about yourself for clearing an exam like NDA. Do not waste time and start preparing for your SSB interview by looking for a coaching academy and just start by buying an SSB interview book to get the understanding of complete SSB interview. You can read tips and stories on SSBCrack, you can reach recommended candidates, you can join our Instagram for day to day SSB interview practice and motivation.
  2. Keep yourself with good company, keep your thinking positive and make every day productive. Try to learn about 15 OLQs and inculcate them in your life, even if you don’t have them, you can fake them and act like you have them, you fake it till it becomes your habit.
  3. You can not clear SSB interview by luck or without preparation, if someone has told you that you can crack SSB interview without preparation, they are fooling you or they might be from those lucky 0.001% candidates who do that.

Do you need to register for NDA 2 2017 SSB interview?

The result by UPSC says you need to register on joinindianarmy but joinindianarmy says you don’t need to register.

Notice from Joinindianarmy.nic.in for last NDA
UPSC NDA result

As the official career website of Indian army website says you don’t need to register for NDA 2 2017 SSB, there is no need to register, but we would suggest keep checking the official website for any update. Many candidates are asking how much time will it take for NDA SSB date, it will take around 30 days and the picture will be clear, so better spend this time in preparation.

Candidate will get an email/SMS for their NDA 2 2017 SSB interview and also the centre allotment list and date will be mentioned on the respective websites of Indian army, navy, and air force. We will also keep the latest update on this and also suggest aspirants to keep checking the official website.

This is your ultimate goal. All the best.

Our honest suggestion for candidates who have cleared the NDA written exam is not to waste time thinking about SSB interview date, you will get the dates for sure, do not worry about it, just think about your preparation, if you start from today you will be ahead of others. And remember preparation matters in SSB interview.

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NDA 2 2017 Dates

S.No. Event Dates
1 NDA 2 2017 Written exam 10th September 2017
2 NDA 2 2017 Result 01 November 2017
3 NDA 2 2017 SSB dates January 2018
4 NDA 2 2017 Merit 1 June 2018
Latest Official Updates:
  • Allotment of Selection Centres NDA-140/NA-102 Course (First preference Army)
  • NDA 140 Indian Air Force SSB Interview Dates
  • SSB Dates will be published on 5th Dec 2017.
  • Candidates of NDA – 140 course are NOT required to register on www.joinindianarmy.nic.in
  • SSB interviews for candidates of NDA -140 & Naval Academy – 102 course having Air Force as first choice will be conducted by Air Force Selection Boards during Jan – Feb 2018.
  • SSB interviews for candidates of NDA – 140 & NA – 102 course having Navy/Naval Academy as first choice will be conducted by Naval Selection Boards during Jan – Feb 2018.
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