7 Military Habits Every Defence Aspirant Should Adopt

Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.
-Gen. George S. Patton

Every defence aspirant is always ready to do whatever it takes to wear the prestigious uniform they dream of. We all are guilty of fantasizing about everything from giving the SSB interview to winning the sword of honour and commanding troops. But as it is said, small steps every day add up to big results.

Brick by brick we built a castle; similarly, there are a few practices that every defence aspirant should inculcate in their lives to stand with their head held high one day. The following are the 7 habits that can help a defence aspirant move a few steps closer to their goal.

  • Waking up early
    If you want to make your dreams turn into reality, the first thing you should do is wake up. Waking up early will help you to adapt to your future in the forces. It also gives your day a fresh start. Productiveness, mental health and positivity are a few benefits to mention.
    Meanwhile, waking up and sitting idle will not reap any benefits. It could be followed by preparing for exams and reading newspapers or books. You could also clean your room and make your bed. The objective is to do activities that interest you and keep your brain cells active.
  • Working Out
    This is another major activity to commit to after waking up. Working out is sometimes directly linked to higher self-discipline and obviously toughness and strength. Sticking to a routine or morning exercise can improve your determination and give you a sense of satisfaction when you achieve your goal for the day. After all, in the forces, mornings are for runs and drills.
    So what are you waiting for? Start your day with a 2 or 4 km run or a beneficial workout routine and you will thank yourself later.
  • Leadership
    Some may believe that leaders are born, but if a person is ambitious, all it takes is a little determination. You need not wait until your GTO to become a leader; a small initiative during a presentation at college or workplace can develop these skills.
    But this doesn’t necessarily mean that ruling and dominating the group members to prove one’s leadership. A leader is always an inspiration for his subordinates and teamwork is the key here. Small steps like planning, organizing and controlling small activities in your everyday routine can be beneficial in this regard. This could range from leading a small trip with your friends to a nearby area or a team for an international workshop etc. Favoritism, biasedness and authority have no place in a successful team. Instead, a team must conceive and devise a strategy together that will help them succeed. 

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  • Patience, Calmness & Composure
    To quote Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. These are essential values that every aspirant and an effective leader must possess. There can be situations where the blame is on you. The choice is yours whether to panic and give up or to come back with twice the courage. Maintaining composure is imperative as your future in the forces could demand you to work under stress with a clear mind and make prudent decisions.
    For instance, keeping cool while your boss is roasting you publicly or not panicking when your deadline is tomorrow. Though it is obviously advisable to complete your work efficiently well before the deadline.
  • Service Before Self
    Aspirants have definitely come across this phrase multiple times. It will not be surprising if you have this written on your walls or slam books. Though this tiny phrase comprises of only 3 words, it definitely holds much significance than one can imagine. This, literally, means that one’s first priority is selfless service to help others.
    In this world of stinginess and self-centred people, being different and thoughtful is rare. But as a defence aspirant, you’re going to be committed to the country and the countrymen; hence these values should be adopted in daily life. This could mean helping your colleagues or classmates with their work even when your own work is incomplete. This would bring about reciprocity as well as good relationships with them.
  • Responsibility, Loyalty and Truthfulness
    Every person is accountable for his/her actions. A responsible individual takes up the responsibility for the results of his/her decisions and formulates feasible solutions.
    Whether in the forces or not, one should be responsible, loyal and truthful to the organization one works for. This would mean that irrespective of what you get back from it, you work with constant determination and dedication. These are qualities that will help you climb up steps towards perfecting your mannerisms.
  • Adaptability & Quick Learning
    Adaptability is the major characteristic a defence aspirant should readily embrace. From a life of comfort back at home to a strenuous and demanding life at the academy. Everything will demand you to overcome and adapt. Moreover, it will require you to grasp and learn things quickly. Unlike your workplace or school where you get time to adjust to your surroundings, it’s a no-nonsense environment there. The key here is to be enthusiastic to learn new things and try to learn them through innovative ways.

There’s nothing one can’t master if there’s willpower. It’s your dedication towards your goal that will determine your success in achieving it. So, set goals, work hard and achieve them like a boss!

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