How I Got Recommended from NCC 44 Special Entry in 3rd Attempt

Hello everyone, my name is Ganesh. I am from Vizag. I had my SSB Interview on 17th June 2018 at Kapurthala. After my AFPA training at Nagpur, I had 2 weeks to work on my shortcomings given as on my personality report at AFPA.

Screening Test: Total 200 of us have reported at SSB Kapurthala, after an OIR test we were shown a hazy picture of an old man and a young man talking to each other. I made a story on grandson convincing grandfather for a trip. My narration was fluent and confident as I have practiced it outside. In group discussion I convinced everybody to go with the majority as the majority of us (13 candidates) made a story on join Indian army. I have narrated the group story out of 200 candidates 26 of us were screened in, I was very happy to get screened at once. I was allotted chest number 20.

The same evening we had documentation and other stuff. We were given instructions to report for psychology test the next morning.

Psychology Test: We were shown 11 pictures and a blank slide all the pictures were related to my daily life. I wrote simple stories based on my daily life experiences and in WAT I wrote sentences according to my belief system and I have attempted 59.

In situation reaction tests despite so much of practice, I felt the heat normally during my practice tests at home I use to do 50-55 with the help of telegraphic language but however in SSB I could do only 42.

Self – Description : I have prepared well in advance based on my self-awareness and responses from my family, friends, employer. Overall I was happy with my performance in psychology Interview: I was the last candidate to be interviewed on day two. I had to wait for almost an hour for my turn. I have enjoyed some Punjabi songs with the attendant in the waiting room. Finally, I was called for the interview. For my surprise, the board president threw a barrage of questions in which he covered all sections of my PIQ in 1 rapid fire.

I have answered all the questions I remember which was almost 50% and then I have requested him to repeat the questions I have missed the repeated all of them I have answered 30% of them again I missed out a few. Later I answered remaining questions after he reiterated the questions that I have missed.

My Personal interview was absolutely based on my PIQ form and some other external questions related to Indian Army, national and international happenings, hockey news. After 40 minutes my interview came to an end after my interview was over I went to the cybercafé and found out the answers to questions that I have missed out but ironically the board president did not ask me these questions in conference GTO: As I am an outdoor person I was very eagerly waiting for the outdoor tasks to commence. We went to whites early in the morning. The GTO came and gave his introduction and one more GTO was with him. It started with a group discussion, the topic was” why India is not performing well in Olympics” he gave three leads followed by one more topic. I followed what Natarajan sir has taught me. I gave my point and I withdrew I spoke 4-5 times only I spoke sense with good content. I did not withdraw once I started to speak as I was already speaking less only 4-5 times. I did the same in GPE also. I identified the aim, problem, resources, solution and made my plan accordingly. I followed the same GD strategy by giving my point and withdrawing and we had PGT, I played it like a football game. I did not discuss my ideas with anybody the moment idea struck in my mind I took the plank and executed it, crossed the hurdle first and ensured that all others crossed along with me and in GOR I ensured that all of my team crossed the obstacle and then I crossed every obstacle at the last.

In Lecturette, I spoke on a very low-level topic that is “ legends of cricket” I spoke about Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli in 3 minutes with good facts and figures about their careers which I knew very well as I am huge Indian cricket fan.

Day 4: We had only 3 tasks, the day commenced with individual obstacles that are supposed to be tackled in 3 minutes. I have started with victory stand so that I could cover all high scoring obstacles first to score the majority of marks, I have done 13 obstacles. Next, we had a command task I was called by only one candidate as a subordinate and my command task went for about 25 -30 minutes, he improvised it 6-8 times I cracked it all the time, however, I took my time, GTO sir gave me hints I took the help of those hints also. We had final group task, again I played it as a team with all others in my group and again here I did not discuss my ideas here I have implemented them directly by collecting the plank from others and after the testing process of the day was over we went to visit some places in Kapurthala.

Day 5: I was nervous like every other aspirant because their decision is going to change my future. Before my turn came I was made to wait for 5 minutes. I went in I was asked a few formality questions like how was your stay and all and 2 situations were thrown at me, Your documents went missing what will you do? I told them the backup options I have for my documents in real life and the other situation was “I am the hostel warden my children went missing how will I find them? As I was in the hostel I knew where all places students normally go after escaping(due to my past experiences).so I gave logics on how I will catch them by contacting nearby shopkeepers next to bus stops ,famous restaurants, movie theatres which students generally visit after escaping etc and later inform their parents and then I left the room and I waited for results, 2 of us made it out of 26 who got screened in on day 1. Now I have made it to NCC Special entry 44 merit list also with AIR 8. I would like to thank Natarajan sir for his guidance in helping me to meet the purpose of my life. Natarajan sir made me realize beyond the coaching it is the individual attitude that helps us to crack the SSB Interview. Thank you, sir, for guidance

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