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ScreeningPPDTHandling PPDT Fish Market Situation In SSB Interview

Handling PPDT Fish Market Situation In SSB Interview

Use facts and figures for a good amount of time, it will always help u gain an edge to your confidence as well as group influencing ability.

Ladies and gentleman, warriors of the future and present. I Sajal Roy, would like to take this opportunity to discuss on how I handled Fish Market situation in PPDT and what are some options available.  My credential –Recommended from 22 SSB Board Bhopal, Indian Army [First attempt with merit, medical out-SSC Tech Entry 43rd course June 2014]. Group Discussion is indeed one of those pressurizing tests that can reveal the true personality and many other qualities.  I will keep the article very short, simple and direct.

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#Possible causes:

  • Intent to Dominate
  • The topic being such and any one or more individuals having passionate opinions and are not adamant to openly hear and conclude

Possibly the causes can be endless and are of not worth to us. What is important is how we handle fish market situation in a GD. I remember when group discussion during GTO was taking a fish market situation.

  1. We should make sure that we are not responsible or become a part of the fish market situation: During my GTO task, at a point we saw that the group discussion was becoming a war of words and some corners getting isolated. I made sure I remained silent during that time and waited for a perfect second where the fishmongers breathe. The moment this moment comes I made a statement- Gentleman, With all due respect to our opinions, should we consider (………Some point………)
  2. Prefer some point is a totally different or slightly different angle. For example. IF the topic is reservation necessary or not necessary. Considering a hypothetical scenario, where everyone is constantly and loudly narrating their points. Identify the people who are not speaking. In the breather moment. Just drop the ice with a statement like – Gentleman; we should not forget that it is because of the reservation that many sections of the society got a fair representation. This will be a 180 degree opposite kind of statement. Everyone will be taken aback. Meanwhile, continue with some better points as to how the reservation was enshrined in the constitution. Do this in case you have greater depths of knowledge regarding this.
  3. Else, point to the people who are not saying any point. “Gentleman, to my right or chest no (someone specific), would you throw some light on the issue. “ By including others in the discussion you also display your leadership quality. During my GTO, my chest no was 18. I just turned to mine right and mentioned, Sir please throw some light on the issue. And then he voiced his opinion. I said,” We can arrive to a common conclusion by taking a rational stand of all the view points. I made sure I was at least remembering the context of which chest no was speaking what. It helped me to pinpoint. As chest no xx mentioned, I would like to add a fact (and mention relevant )
  4. Use facts and figures for a good amount of time, it will always help u gain an edge to your confidence as well as group influencing ability. IF someone points out that,”My dear friend the data is incorrect or inconsistent
    Be sporting and mention apology. Also ask, for the right data so that it will be learning for the team.  And if you think your data was right, Argue humbly like. Gentleman, I would like to differ on a small stand and then explain why do u differ or so.
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We cannot control the results, but we can always control our behaviour, our approach, our manners and similar. So always focus to remain chivalrous.

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Sajal Roy
Sajal Roy
Sajal Roy, Recommended from 22 SSB Bhopal (Indian Army) First attempt, with Merit, Medical Out-SSC TECH 43rd Entry-June 2014.

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