The Brave: Special Forces Commando Awarded The Shaurya Chakra

Elite Special Forces soldier Sandeep Singh has been posthumously awarded the Shaurya Chakra for his acts of courage, on the countries 73rd Independence day. Lance Naik Sandeep Singh was an elite commando belonging to the Indian Army’s elite 4 Para Special Forces AKA ‘The Daggers’. He had joined as an infantry soldier in the army’s Sikh Regiment on 18 June 2007 before opting to join the 4th Battalion of The Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) on 5 July 2008.

Lance Naik Sandeep Singh Was From The Elite 4 PARA (SF)

Intelligence inputs suggested the presence of an externally supported terror cell in the Kashmir valley. The extremist group consisted of highly trained foreign terrorists operating at altitudes of around 12,500 feet; the terrain was unforgiving! Given both the complexity and tactical advantage of the terrorist position, the army had called in the Daggers, specialists in Counter-Terrorism and Mountain Warfare.

Operators From The Special Forces With Israeli Tavor Rifles
Operators From The Special Forces With Israeli Tavor Rifles

Captain Gurjeet Saini led the Special Forces team, with Lance Naik Sandeep Singh tasked as the lead scout.
The elite commandos closed in near the suspected terrorist position, halting to carry out surveillance. Sandeep observed his surroundings and soon tracked the precise location of the terrorists, proceeding to inform his squad. The well-trained terrorists were alerted of the presence of the commandos and resorted to heavy active fire, being able to pin the commandos due to their dominant position.

Special Forces Tab Earned After Completing 90 Days In Hell!
Special Forces Tab Earned After Completing 90 Days In Hell!

Acutely aware of the enemy’s superior position and the imminent threat to the lives of his comrades, Sandeep closed in on one of the terrorists killing him with precise rifle shots in extremely close quarters. Taking advantage of Sandeep’s daring manoeuvre, another terrorist lobbed a fragmentation grenade at the Special Forces soldier, grievously injuring him. The terrorists then proceeded to re-engage the rest of the specialised commando unit with fierce AK rifle fire.

Special Forces Operatives Closing In On A Terrorist Location

Sandeep despite being severely injured, stealthily crawled toward the other terrorists and engaged them. During the violent exchange, the already wounded commando got shot by one of the terrorists, resulting in Sandeeps assault rifle to fall in a nearby gorge. Undeterred the special forces soldier grabbed the terrorist who shot him and engaged with him in vicious hand to hand combat! During this brutal exchange with the terrorist, Sandeep got shot by another extremist, mortally wounding him and ultimately taking his life.

Elite Commandos Operating In Kashmir
Elite Commandos Operating In Kashmir
The Red Devil’s Taking Part In The Republic Day Parades

Lance Naik Sandeep Singh’s raw courage and ferocity distracted the enemy redirecting their fire toward him. Sandeep’s complete disregard for his safety allowed his comrades to move to a tactically superior position and eliminate the foreign terror cell, earning him the Shaurya Chakra.

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On 22 September 2018, Lance Naik Sandeep Singh was the leading scout of the Special Forces squad under Captain Gurjeet Saini which was carrying out search operation to locate and neutralise an infiltrated group of hardcore foreign terrorists at an altitude of 12,500 feet in Jammu & Kashmir. The rocky nature of the terrain and lack of vegetation made the conduct of operation extremely difficult. During the operation, Sandeep Singh tracked the accurate location of the terrorists and alerted his squad. As the squad was getting deployed, they came under heavy effective fire from the terrorists. Realising the imminent danger to his squad members, Sandeep Singh displaying field craft of an exceptional order closed in on the terrorists and neutralised one terrorist at very close range with accurate rifle fire. One of the remaining terrorist lobbed a grenade at Sandeep injuring him severely. Thereafter, the terrorists started engaging the rest of the squad with effective fire. Lance Naik Sandeep Singh in a daring act crawled close towards the other two terrorists and engaged them, during which he was once again hit by terrorists fire which led to his rifle falling into a nearby gorge. In a selfless and brave act Lance Naik Sandeep Singh grabbed one of the terrorist and engaged him in hand to hand combat. Taking advantage of the pause in the terrorists fire, the rest of the squad quickly moved on to a position of advantage and engaged the terrorists effectively. Lance Naik Sandeep Singh while in hand to hand combat was shot by the third terrorist mortally wounding him. Sandeep Singh displayed raw courage and utmost gallantry in personally eliminating one foreign terrorist, seriously injuring two terrorists and sacrificing his own life in highest traditions of the Indian Army thereby ensuring safety of his squad and subsequent elimination of three terrorists. For this selflessness and conspicuous courage beyond the call of duty, Lance Naik Sandeep Singh is recommended for the award of ‘SHAURYA CHAKRA (POSTHUMOUS)’. ⚔️??❤️?? #indianarmy

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