INET Exam 2019 Question Paper [All Sets]

INET exam was conducted on 15th Sep 2019 by the Indian Navy for officer candidates, this is the first time INET exam was conducted for the officer cadre for the various branches of the Indian Navy. Many aspirants of the Indian Navy appeared for the INET online exam on 15th Sep 2019. SSBCrack will be publishing the INET Question paper, answer keys and cut off marks soon. According to the aspirants, the level of INET was above AFCAT exam and similar to CDS. There were 100 questions in the paper and 4 marks were awarded for the correct answer and 1 mark was deducted for the wrong answer. INET exam has a section cut off and one needs to clear all the section to pass the INET exam, the INET sectional cut off could is 40%. Candidates can find the INET question paper from shift-1 and shift-2.

An online written test for Indian Navy (INET) was conducted for the first time this year and it is something that is different from other graduate level defence entrance tests. The difficulty level was much higher than AFCAT. Moreover, the syllabus of this test was also more than AFCAT. There are a few additional topics in maths like trigonometry, mensuration and geometry. Coming to the Verbal Ability section there were more questions on direct and indirect speech, active and passive voice. The rest of the paper is more or less the same as AFCAT. However, the marking scheme and cut off for INET is a bit different. For every correct answer 4 marks are awarded and for every wrong answer 1 mark is deducted. The paper consists of 100 questions and each section contains 25 questions. There is a sectional cutoff which requires a minimum of 40% score in each of the four sections. Along with that there’s an overall cutoff of 50%. My exam went good and the procedure before the exam was also pretty smooth. The admit card is retained my the center unlike AFCAT. 

On the whole, the introduction of the INET is gratifying and gives a great opportunity to numerous Navy aspirants. 

INET 15 Sep 2019 Questions and Answer

  • Who was the 1st election commissioner of India?
  • Where was the first constituent assembly held?
  • What is the capital of Sudan?
  • What is the currency of Bulgaria?
  • Who wrote “the hungry tide”?
  • Which is the India’s 3rd generation fire and forget Missile?
  • What is the full form of TRIM?
  • Which is the largest planet?
  • Which period is known as the Hindu revival period?
  • Which city was first affected by the plague?
  • India’s 1st hydroelectric project?
  • What is Net National Product?
  • Who was awarded Arjuna award in 2018 of the following? Satish Kumar
  • Devi Ahilya bai holkar award is given for?
  • Which state 1st made it compulsory for the voters to vote in local body elections?
  • Who was the only female stunt performer at 70th Republic Day?
  • What is panchayat?
  • First Asia-Pacific country to join India for a maritime exercise?
  • Important aspect of 1919 government of India act?

1.William Dalrymple wrote ? White Mughal or The last Mughal or both.
2. Denmark’s currency?
3. First Indian woman to win in shooting Asian games 2018?
4. Meera mehta committee for development of?
5. Chromatography was discovered by?
6. OTEC full form?
7. Who hasnt got Guinness world of book records? Answer – Vijay Agneepath.
8. Jabauni is a dance form of
9. Newspaper is not published in which Indian state? Arunachal Pradesh
10. Goldman Award is given for?
11. Who presented the preamble to the drafting committee?
12. Odd one out: 1)IMF 2) SAARC 3) WHO 4)UNICEF

13.Which of the following cities has been named as the World Capital of Architecture for 2020? 1) Beijing 2) New York 3) Paris 4) Rio de Janeiro
14.Rohia National Park is situated in? ans- H.P
15. Where is the maximum concentration of ozone in the atmosphere? Stratosphere.
16.The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was?
17. ISDN full form
18. First Governed General of India was under which act ? Charter 1833.
19. Ajanta caves was built by dynasty?

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