Israeli Company Skylock Designs Revolutionary Drone Hacking System

The Jewish nation of Israel which had revolutionised modern warfare with the development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) more commonly known as drones have now developed a revolutionary anti-drone system. This state of the art system designed by Israeli company ‘Skylock’ has the unique capability to take over the enemy’s drone system, giving the user the ability to counter-drone strikes and even gather intelligence from the adversaries system.

Skylock’s revolutionary anti-drone system on display

“The system we developed can detect hostile drones at a range of up to 3.5 kilometers and take control of about 200 drones simultaneously,” says Asaf Lebovitz, product manager at Skylock

The Israeli company had first demonstrated the new technology two months ago. Explaining the functioning of the drone Lebovitz says,

Predator Drone firing a hellfire missile

“We set a certain location where we want to gain control of the drone,We have the ability to disrupt the connection between the drone and the operator, and then gain remote control of it and land it, to check what it is carrying and whom it belongs to.”

Other Israeli firms are now following suit, working to develop more advanced variants of Skylock’s anti-drone system. The Jewish nation has always been a pioneer in military technology, the creation of this program is likely to change the trajectory of drone warfare.

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