AFSB Interview Date Selection Postponed

The Indian Air Force has postponed the AFSB interview seat selection for the AFCAT 1 2020 for which the result was declared a day ago. A few candidates were able to select the date for AFSB interview but now the date selection has been blocked till further notice. Today Indian army also cancelled all the scheduled SSB interview till further notice due to coronavirus. For candidates who have already selected the date for AFSB interview, there are chances that they have to select the dates and venue again once the date selection is open for AFCAT 1 2020 AFSB interview but there are chances that they have to follow the same venue and AFSB date. The picture will be clear in April 2020 regarding the AFSB interview. Hope for the best.

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AFSB date selection is postponed ⚔️🇮🇳❤️

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