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AFCAT SSB Interview Dates 2021

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After AFCAT 2 2021 result is declared many aspirants have cracked the AFCAT exam with flying colors. Now the successful aspirants want to know how to select their AFSB interview and venue. Also, many candidates want to know the best venue for the AFSB interview too.

AFCAT Exam 2022 Study Materials:

Which AFSB venue is best for me?

  • All AFSBs are same in terms of testing, wherever you go, you have to perform. So the best criteria while selecting the AFSB is the distance and date. Select the nearest AFSB and the convenient date to make your journey comfortable.

How to Prepare for the AFSB interview?

  • First, get a basic knowledge of SSB and AFSB, without having the idea of the syllabus of SSB, you will not be able to perform well. So it is best to understand the different tests that you are going to face at AFSB. You will get plenty of articles on SSBCrack and SSBCrackExams websites.
  • Check SSB Interview Online Course and Prepare for the SSB/AFSB interview from home. This course covers all basics and advanced content for your AFSB preparation.

Many aspirants who have cleared the AFCAT exam first time want to know the process of AFSB venue and date selection, which is fairly simple, in this article you can find the step-wise process of AFSB interview date and venue selection after clearing the AFCAT exam. This option is only available for the candidates who have cleared the AFCAT exam. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Visit the official website AFCAT CDAC and from the top menu, select the correct AFCAT cycle option.
  2. Now, enter your AFCAT login ID and password, in case you forget the password, you can reset it.
  3. Once you login, click on the Result and AFSB selection option as seen in this image.
  4. You can see your AFCAT marks and cut off. Below you can find the AFSB Selection process button, click on the button to proceed.
  5. Click on I have understood the process
  6. Now you need to do seat selection, add bank details for TA and download your Call Letter.
  7. The AFSB seat selection for venue and SSB date would look like this.
  8. Once you select the date it will show your AFSB venue and date.
  9. Now, add your bank details for TA.
  10. Check the acceptance and add your bank details.
  11. Now, you can download your AFSB call letter and other documents like COVID-19 undertaking.
  12. Save and take a print out of your AFSB call letter, also follow the instructions mentioned in the call letter.
  13. Download and fill the declaration form.
  14. Download and fill the COVID-19 undertaking form.
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