Should SSB Interviews Be Postponed Immediately?

The situation on Coronavirus is going out of hand around the world. Over 1,800 killed so far in Italy, the worst-hit country after China, with a total number of cases hitting nearly 25,000. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 162 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harboured in Yokohama, Japan). In India, the news cases are coming every day and there is a high possibility that more number of cases will be reported in India in the coming days. Centre government and state government are doing their best to control the spread of coronavirus and many public places are being closed. SSB interview is a place where candidates from different states report at one place, if precautions are not taken properly, things could go out of hand. Recently, services selection board SSB pushed an alert where it asked sick candidates not to report for SSB interview and also advised others to carry their own mask, sanitizer and medical gloves. There is no clarity if the SSB interviews will be cancelled or postponed as there is no official announcement made by SSB on the same.

  • As many candidates travel from different parts of the country which requires a lot of travelling and they might become prone to this infection.
  • A place like SSB should not take any chances when a lot of things in India are being closed until further notice.
  • Looking at the present situation, where top world countries are struggling with COVID-19, it is best of India to close down the places of public gathering for some time.
  • In the end, spreading the infection in the forces is the last thing we want.

As per the poll created on SSBCrack Instagram account, many candidates still want to attend the SSB interviews as per the dates and a few of them want it to be postponed for some time. As per our opinion, SSB interview should be cancelled immediately and fresh dates must be released once the situation is under control.

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COVID-19 in India: should SSB interview be cancelled?

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2020 coronavirus pandemic in India by state and union territory

State or Union territoryActive casesDeathsRecoveriesTotal cases
Andhra Pradesh1001
Jammu and Kashmir3003
Tamil Nadu1001
Uttar Pradesh90413
Total (15 states/UTs)99213114

*details as of 16 March 2020

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