NDA Exam 2020 GAT Paper Fully Solved

NDA 2020 is a consolidated examination for both the exams of NDA 1 2020 and NDA 2 2020. It was formerly very tough to analyse how the question paper would be since both the papers of the year are going to be conducted on the same day and situation was unpredictable. Owing to our dilemmas, the question paper was really unpredictably different, comparatively easy and at times, tricky.

The question paper of NDA 2020, which was the most awaited one, has its own advantages and its own levels of difficulty. While most of the students who attempted the paper have exclaimed that the paper was comparatively easy when related to the previous years, some mention that the paper was tricky. On the whole, regarding the General Ability Test (GAT) section, excluding the English part, we give you the detailed analysis of the Part – B of Paper II here. We have given the subjects that were included, the number of questions in each subject and the level of difficulty of these. A detailed subject wise solution key along with the explanation is provided from our side which will be kept for your reference soon.

  • Following are the list of subjects covered in GAT Paper of NDA:
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Polity
  • Economy
  • Current Affairs & Static GK
  • Defence Specific Related


  • This time, the paper concentrated on Optics and Electricity where 5 each number of questions were asked – all are conceptual related and few of them are numericals.
  • Regarding the numerical problems, the student need to have a strong grip on the concepts and must be able enough to interpret what the question gave. Mostly the questions can be rated as moderate and can be done with good diction.


  • Total 16 questions were asked from Chemistry and most of them were from the NCERT 9th & 10th class text books. Many previous years questions also repeated.
  • Students need to focus more on Application based understanding to score well.
  • Aspirants must try to solve the previous years’ questions of various other defense exams like CAPF, CDS, AFCAT to boost their performance in Chemistry.


  • Cell Theory, Human Anatomy, Health and Diseases, Anatomy of flowering plants, Plant breeding and Crop growth & farming are some of the main topics that the questions were asked from.
  • The questions from this section were easy and came mostly from the NCERT textbooks. Students can attempt most of these with ease.


  • There were 4 Questions from physical geography section. The questions were mainly focused from the world weather system and the natural vegetation of world. The level of the questions were moderate to hard.
  • There were 6 Questions from Indian geography section. The level of the questions were easy. Questions related to Indian peninsular rivers, agriculture and Indian Climate were asked.
  • There were 5 questions involved from Mapping section of geography. 3 were from world geography while 2 from Indian geography. The level was easy.
  • The overall geography section was easy and with even basic crisp and clear knowledge, all the questions could be easily solved.


  • This year History contained questions only from the Modern history. Revolt of 1857 and permanent settlements are the constant topic.
  • Students need to have a basic understanding of the British governance and major revolts happened during the time. The questions were moderate.


  • Like every year number of questions from polity are relatively less then the other sections. This year total number of questions from polity were 6 Questions.
  • The weightage remains high in the historical background of the constitution and making of the constitution. Apart from it student need to have a basic conceptual knowledge about the Parliamentary system in India specially the Union government and council of ministers.
  • One new segment introduced this year is ‘Land Records and Titles in India’. The questions were easy to moderate.


  • The economy section of NDA 1&2 2020 was slightly of moderate level. In total 5 questions were asked and out of those 5 questions, 3 questions were from Five Year Plans and required slightly in-depth knowledge of the topic. The other questions were related to the current affairs and of Agriculture sector. The level of the questions were easy.


  • Questions related to the departments working under the government of India, the schemes launched by the government are given priority as usual.
  • A question about International Tourism Day and World Environment related ones were also covered. 2 questions were sports related.
  • On the whole, the questions of this section are quite easy to a student is a regular observer of the current affairs. On an additional note, it is advised that you continue watching Daily Current Affairs posted by SSBCrackExams for the upcoming papers and for the SSB too. Our content was applauded, and we feel happy that we covered most of this section that came in the examination.


  • 3 questions were asked related to 3 different military exercises which include MILAN exercise, Naseem Al Bahr exercise and the TSENTR exercise. This clearly shows that one must have a good knowledge about India’s military exercises with foreign countries.
  • In the upcoming days, the ties of our country with many pacific and atlantic nations will get stronger and owing to the fact that more defence deals might pop up. We recommend you to have a complete knowledge of the defence current affairs (this is also being posted on day-to-day basis for your pursual). Questions are easy here.

NDA GAT 2020 – Overall Percentage Coverage

On the whole, here is a tabular form that clearly explains the subject-wise analysis of the question paper of NDA 2020. 

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