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All About Helicopter Training School (HTS) and How To Join It

Helicopter Training School (HTS) is an institution of Indian Air Force located at Hyderabad.


Today, we will learn about the Indian Air Force Helicopter Training School (HTS) Hakimpet and how to join. If you want to become a pilot in the Indian Air Force, you should read this article all the way to the end to learn more about the organisation.

The Indian Air Force’s Helicopter Training School is in Hyderabad (HTS). It began at Air Force Station Palam on April 2, 1962. It is one of the biggest helipads in the IAF.

The largest helicopter unit and alma mater of all Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter pilots, Helicopter Training School (HTS), recently celebrated its diamond jubilee at Air Force Station Hakimpet in Hyderabad on April 3, 2022.


Training Process

The Helicopter Training School also trains pilots for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and other allied nations in addition to training helicopter pilots for the Air Force.

There are around 40 different types of helicopters at the Air Force Station Hakimpet Helicopter Training School, and on average, 15 to 20 helicopters fly every day to train officers. Helicopter pilots from the United States and friendly other nations can get initial training at the Helicopter Training School.


Participation In Relief Work

It also continues to be the first to respond to natural disasters in the country’s southern latitudes. HTS airdropped food and other crucial supplies during flood relief efforts in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Now let us come to the main question, which is How to join Helicopter Training School!

  1. Crack a qualifying Air Force exam 

Indian Army recruitment authority conducts many exams such as CDSE, AFCAT, and NDA. It also conducts exams for NCC entry level depending upon your qualifications and age. The notifications of this exam are released after a definite period. In the case of AFCAT- Air Force Common Admission Test, it is conducted twice a year to recruit the best candidates for different posts in Indian Air Force. 

  1. Undergo various recruitment levels conducted by Indian Air Force

Various recruitment levels are conducted by Indian Air Force once the candidates crack the qualifying exams. Medical examinations and interviews are some of those processes. 

After completing the above processes, the selected candidates will be given various posts, technical and non – technical depending upon their rank and selection. If they are selected for the flying branch, then they will be finally sent to the Helicopter Training School (HTS), Hakimpet. 

There the candidates will undergo training in flying excellency to be further made capable to excel in the war fields. 


Above, we have discussed the basic information about the Helicopter Training School, Hakimpet. We also came to know about the historical background and its significance. Moreover, we also discussed the process through which a candidate can take admitted there. Hope this article has been helpful to you! Follow SSBCrackExams for more such articles. 

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